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Access all Areas: the Disabled Villa, Varna - Involving the Experts

At that time he required legal assistance with regards to purchasing an empty plot of land in the area of Borovec, which was completed in September 2004. The following year he told me about his plans to have a villa with extra facilities for disabled people constructed on the land.’ The next step was for Emilia to contact an architect, so she arranged a meeting with Julia Jelezova who helped Emilia’s father with plans for his hotel in Golden Sands. After discussing requirements, plans were drawn up, and then submitted. Over two years elapsed before the Construction Permits were granted by the mayor, but this gave everyone more than sufficient time to seek, negotiate and contract a building firm named Deniz. The project was a great challenge for Emilia, who commented, ‘I am thrilled to be involved in this project, because there is hardly a villa in Varna or even in Bulgaria that is meant to be used thoroughly by disabled people. I am also aware that the Mooney’s have many handicapped friends so they will do their best to create a comfortable environment for all people with special needs.’

Julia Jelezova from architects, Fribul Ltd was passionate about starting such a modern construction; ‘In Bulgaria most of the new public buildings are integrating disabled friendly facilities, however in the private sector, constructors are deciding on the basis of their moral considerations whether to integrate those facilities or not. For us, the disabled villa was such a special project to work on.’

As ever finding a reliable builder is no small job, but the Mooney’s managed to engage the services of Emil Stoyanov of Demo Engineering Ltd. Trevor recalls, “Emil is the only builder
that we ever found in Bulgaria who was sympathetic towards people’s special needs and requirements. He is well versed in what people with special needs require and is familiar with where to go to find the products, which will improve their life at the villa as well as making their vacation enjoyable.”

Opening Soon

The villa is scheduled to open at the end of October 2008 and Sean, who now studies French, Music and Food Technology at the St. Vincent’s School for the Blind in Liverpool, will be the first disabled visitor. He has many disabled friends and is looking forward to the freedom that will come from this unique holiday villa. ‘I always like traveling abroad, especially to Bulgaria,’ says Sean, ‘but I find it difficult to have the same level of independence as an able bodied person. This villa that my Mum and Dad are constructing will give me the ability to enjoy my summer holidays, and I hope that some of my friends from the school will be able to join me on my future holidays in Bulgaria.’

Trevor and Liz have found that the response to their project has been phenomenal and they are already taking bookings for the summer season 2009. The Mooney’s experience has left them with hope for the future ‘We hope that there will be some Bulgarian entrepreneur out there who will see the benefits of what we have achieved and build on our strengths to create more 21st century accommodation for disabled people,’ says Trevor.

The villa is expected to be completed by the end of October 2008, and you can chart the progress at