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Affordable Brick Houses

The credit crunch has left everyone tightening their belts and feeling the pinch – everyone except those of us who have escaped the traumas of the UK rat race and now live permanently in Bulgaria. However with a slump in the UK housing market and the continued growth in property prices in Bulgaria a permanent move may seem unrealistic for those looking for a property with all the comforts of home.
Those who do not want the trials and tribulations of a renovation project and are put off by the rising price of apartments here should consider buying a piece of land in a good location and instead of waiting for builders to construct the house of your dreams bit by bit, have it designed and erected within months! Impossible? – Not at all. A new method of constructing brick built homes has meant that they can be produced much faster and to higher standards and most of all extremely cheaply.

Brick by Brick

When we think of building our own house we imagine constructing it on-site piece by piece using good old bricks and mortar and indeed this is the way the majority of Bulgarian houses are built. However modern technological advances in building and construction have now mean that brick built houses can be prefabricated in a factory and then transported to your dream destination. Not only are these homes constructed very quickly to a high standard, but they are also extremely cost effective.

They are easily transportable and adhere to strict safety and construction standards, which make them fire, earthquake and tornado proof. There are many benefits to this design of housing notably that these houses are both safe and secure; they are made from more solid materials than traditional brick builds and this enables them to withstand the most extreme weather conditions; the masonry used does not burn and even earthquakes of medium intensity will have no effect. Additionally the houses are far cheaper than traditional builds costing between 195 to 350 Euros per sq m according to the design. This substantial saving on costs also has hidden benefits because maintenance is minimal due to the high quality of the materials used.

Made from Quality Materials

The floor and ceiling panels as well as the columns and beams are made of concrete reinforced
with structural steel. The walls are made from lightweight, gas-concrete blocks, which are made by YTONG in Germany. Each block is reinforced with vertical structural steel elements, which have been designed and patented by a company specializing in this area, Complete Design Engineering. The walls are attached and anchored to the floor and ceiling slabs by heavy-duty steel fasteners made by the company specifically for this purpose. Electrical wiring and plumbing installations are built into the walls.

Constructing Your Dream House

If you decide to choose this type of build, you will have a free reign to choose a variety of house designs from rustic to ultra modern. Alternatively you can use an architect to custom design a house to your particular specifications. For the exterior you can select a variety of finishes including stucco, natural stone or decorative brickwork and you can even specify the style of the roof you want and this is constructed according to your design from cement slabs over a wooden structure. Inside the sky is the limit; you get to choose everything from the style of the doors and windows right down to the bathroom fittings.
Once you have selected your design and purchased your land, the house is prefabricated in a factory and transported in pieces by truck to its final destination. All of the footing and groundwork is done onsite skilled specialists who are experienced in assembling houses, office blocks, shopping malls and hotels all from the same materials. They construct the house using large cranes with a 25-ton lifting capacity. Each section of an average build varies in size between 10 to 25 sq m. It takes around two months to construct a standard sized house and better still is the fact that you don’t have to be present during the final construction because all of the assembly work is overseen by specially trained building technicians.

Pictures courtesy of Complete Design Engineering. For more information on transportable brick houses visit