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3 Bedroom Villa For Sale – Sunny Beach

3 bed sunny beach villaA bargain offer not to be missed – for sale: a superb 3 bedroom villa set in an attractive private complex in the village of Bryastovitz, close to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, at the give-away price of 35 000 EUR.

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Tips on Long Term Rentals

girlslaughingtvWhen considering purchasing in Bulgaria there are many people who would love to spend a month or more in a rental home so that they can take their time to look for their dream home.

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Tricky Moments When Buying

Tricky Moments Buying Property

This article is a summary of some of the difficult moments which can occur during the whole property buying process in Bulgaria. Here are guidelines which may be followed through the acquisition process or take it as a list for a pattern of what services and information to ask for from your estate agent, solicitor or developer. Let us start at the beginning:

A. Choosing a Property

The last thing you should care about is the beautiful, colourful digital property you have been presented with. It may help you choose which one of all appeals most but then you must try to provide the answers to the following critical questions.



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A Real Family Home

buying a family home in bulgariaRecently attention has turned from investment and buy-to-let in Bulgaria to the traditional purpose for a property; that of a family home for holidays or permanent living. When you buy a Bulgarian property as a family home it may be the biggest financial investment you have ever made. The future value of the property will play a part in the life of your family for years to come.

The key to finding the right home for your family is knowing inside yourself what you really want.

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The Bulgarian Property Buying Process in Brief

bulgarian property buying processIf you are interested in purchasing a home overseas in Bulgaria and have already picked out a place that you want to get you should first learn about the home buying process in the country. In Bulgaria the process for buying a home is very different than buying a home in Western Europe or the United States. In fact, you may not have experienced a process like it before. While it may be new and different to you it is a relatively straightforward process.

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Removals to Bulgaria | Top 3 Companies

removals to bulgariaIt can be difficult at times to find a reputable honest company who provides a service for removals to Bulgaria, however with the correct research and recommendations you will soon find the ideal removal company who you can safely trust to transport your beloved possessions.

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Sell Property in Bulgaria

sell property in BulgariaIf you are among the many of British people who are trying to sell property in Bulgaria then you have arrived at the right place. We have put together some important tips and services for our readers to assist in achieving a successful sale of your unwanted property.

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House for sale near Borovets - Beli Iskar

house for sale near borovetsThis is an exceptional offer! We are pleased to offer this house and land for sale in the mountain village of Beli Iskar. There is an option to buy the property together with the Bulgarian LTD company, which owns the property.

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Selling your Bulgarian Property

bulgarian propertySelling your Bulgarian property looks to be more complicated that it first seems. Back in the boom days, buyers waded through thousands of offers to find the best property for them, today those same owners are now selling and trying find the best agent instead.

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Words of wisdom for vendors

selling your bulgarian propertySelling your Bulgarian property? Most buyers know a good deal when they see one and the market is nowhere near as good as it once was if you are considering putting your property up for sale. 

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