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Tips to Attract More Buyers

attract buyers Are you in despair at trying to sell your house? Has it been on the property market a while with little interest?

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A Bed and Breakfast in Bulgaria

running a bed and breakfast bulgariaAre you thinking of a bed and breakfast or small hotel in Bulgaria? Perhaps owning a beautiful spacious property, the low cost of living in Bulgaria and the thought of offering the very best to your guests who leave their stay with you as friends, is appealing. At the same time having the added advantage of working for yourself and not having to answer to anyone else. Whilst living your life in wonderful surroundings is the icing on the cake.

If having a bed and breakfast or small hotel in Bulgaria is your dream, you need to do the figures and take the "lifestyle test" to work out whether it is going to be the thing for you or living hell.

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Where to Buy

balchik harbourWith a superb choice of property at affordable prices, low cost of living in Bulgaria, friendly people, miles of beaches, stunning ski resorts, breathtaking countryside, pretty villages and towns, healthy climate ... it’s hardly surprising that Bulgaria is a property hotspot!

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Top Tips for Selling Online

buying tips online

The internet can be a cost-effective tool when it comes to selling your property but there are two main points to keep in mind for success ... a picture paints a thousand words and be concise! In this article we take a look at how you can make your property eye-catching and how to present it online for sale. We take into consideration photos, price, description and costs, together with tips from the leading internet sites selling Bulgarian property.

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Difficult Moments When Buying Property

officepaperworkThis article is a summary of some of the difficult moments which can occur during the whole property buying process in Bulgaria. Here are guidelines which may be followed through the acquisition process or take it as a list for a pattern of what services and information to ask for from your estate agent, solicitor or developer. Let us start at the beginning:

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Top Ten Tips: Buying

buyingbulgariaTop ten tips for buying property in Bulgaria. "Caveat emptor" is the standard phrase when buying anything and nothing is more true. Quest Bulgaria outlines the ten starting points for buying your Bulgarian property.

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Rural and Urban Life

buyinginginbulgariacityorvillageRural and urban life are the choices when considering a move to Bulgaria. If you are not familiar with the county it is best to visit as often as possible.

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Furnishing Your Holiday Home

patio setHere we look at some great ideas and tips to furnishing your holiday home in Bulgaria. Imagine your new home is complete, the agreements and paperwork are behind you, and at long last you have your keys and now you can furnish your property in what style you choose.

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New versus Old

offplan apartments with bulgariaoffplan It's a difficult decision whether or not to buy a brand new property or look around for a resale. Throughout Bulgaria, new builds are in abundance and with so much competition, many developers are offering incentives to buyers.

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Property For Sale in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

property for sale in sunny beach bulgariaA great investment property for sale in Sunny beach Bulgaria and wonderful business opportunity in Bulgaria's busiest and best holiday destination with good transport links and close to an airport.

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