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Bulgarian Property Price Data 2008

bulgarian property prices up in 2008The Bulgarian National Statistic Institute has reported data on property prices in 2008. The figures exclude new builds and are based on apartment properties sold. Overall prices in the regional cities rose by nearly 25% during last year compared with the previous year. Prices increased from January to October. However in the last quarter of the year prices fell by 4.1% compared to the previous three months.

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Tips and Hints: Being Noticed

getting your bulgarian property noticedThe market for Bulgarian holiday lets has become more competitive over the last few years and more owners are looking to their property to do more than just cover its costs. What can you do to stand out from the crowd and get your property noticed?

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Buying Bulgarian Property in Difficult Times

buying bulgarian propertyAccording to Homes Overseas, 1.44 million Brits want to buy overseas in the next twelve months. Research by Cater Allen Private Bank reported that over three million Brits are likely to buy a property overseas during 2009 and 2010. Clearly Brits have a massive appetite for homes abroad, looking for a better quality of life, a safe environment, good climate and cheaper living - something which Bulgarian property offers.

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Investment Proof Buys

historic houses hold appealThere is no doubt about it, now is a good time to buy Bulgarian property.  Those buyers who have cash in hand and those who have access to low interest rates have a good opportunity to buy property in Bulgaria at great prices. This could be just the right time to bag that investment-proof home.

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Buying Bulgarian Property: Advice

pitfalls to avoid buying bulgarian propertyThere have been tales of woe about Bulgarian property developers and off plan purchases in the country, many of which have unnecessarily heightened concern amongst buyers. The problems mainly revolve around off plan property purchases and the difficulties frequently stem from the Preliminary Contract which buyers have signed. Are these problems really all the developers' fault and how can these pitfalls be avoided when buying in Bulgaria?

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Getting More Rentals

renting your bulgarian propertyWhilst the self catering holiday market is growing in Bulgaria as people wish to explore more of this wonderful country, this does not mean that business is guaranteed for you as an owner of a Bulgarian rental property. Many owners forget all about marketing their property and don't set a strategy or plan to follow. For those who would like to make more of their Bulgarian rental home, here are some tips and hints.

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Bulgarian Property and Real Estate Market 2009

bulgarian property market predictionsIt's not really going to do any harm to do a little crystal ball gazing about the Bulgarian property market for 2009, after all the world's financial and property experts have got it totally wrong for more than a year now, so we can't do any worse. A brief scan of the Bulgarian property market during 2008 shows that the market has slowed but is still growing.

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Buying Bulgarian Property: Don't Get Caught Out

twelve golden buying rules bulgariaOn the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me ... twelve golden rules for buying property and real estate in Bulgaria. For those considering buying a property in Bulgaria, follow our guidelines for a hassle free purchase. Quest Bulgaria has put together twelve hot tips based on the most common problems buyers experience.

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Inside the mind of the Bulgarian

bulgarian cultureJonathan White author of “Buying a Property in Bulgaria” takes us inside the mind of the average Bulgarian and explains what you need to know when you are buying property here.

In order to be successful with the purchase of your property (or land) you need to understand how Bulgarians think. In this chapter I hope to provide you with the ‘upper hand’ when you are dealing in Bulgaria by gaining an insight into the way that Bulgarians think – nearly all the information in this chapter was freely provided to me by several Bulgarians that I know! It is certainly not my intention to insult the Bulgarian people – amongst whom I have many friends and acquaintances – but more to relate some important traits that may assist you in negotiating deals and understanding the Bulgarian mentality.

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Owning a Bar in Bulgaria

owning a bar in bulgariaGetting out of the rat race and running your own bar is an idea of many people. We meet one Irish couple who did just this and talked to them about their real life experience of finding the right Bulgarian property and setting up their own pub. "On our first visit to Bulgaria we weren’t quite sure what to expect or what property exactly we were looking for. The idea of running our own business, something along the lines of a pub or a restaurant was in the back of our minds, but we just wanted to get a feel for the country first.

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