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Buying a Vineyard

your own vineyardWhat about buying a vineyard in Bulgaria? Imagine sun-kissed vines, a bottle of your "own label" on the table set on the terrace outside your very own special property.

This is an enticing lifestyle but many forget how hard the work is and how demanding a vineyard can be. For those who dream of this idea and want to do it, we take a look at the possibilities.

Finding your perfect vineyard is something of a hit and miss affair. First of all, do you want it as a hobby or to really make money? Even, once you have decided this, many working vineyards change hands privately and do not come up for sale on the open market.

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Market Overview, Ski Resorts

bulgarian ski propertyCurrently around 90 per cent of all holiday property buyers in Bulgaria ski resorts are foreigners. A couple of years ago British and Irish investors formed the core of these property buyers, responsible for about 80% of that market share.

However, a year on, this pattern has been reversed with 70 to 80% of ski property being bought by Russian, Czech and Bulgarian purchasers and only 20% bought by British and Irish.

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The Developer's View

pirin mountainsBrendan Quinn, Executive Director of Pioneer Resort, talks to Quest Bulgaria about his views on the Bulgarian property market and his real estate development at Razlog. "I’ve now lived in Bulgaria for 9 years seeing a lot of changes in the country mostly good but as with all emerging economies there are also a lot of “growing pains”.

The country as a whole has benefitted from becoming one of the newest members of the European community. It has seen massive growth in many areas of business with foreign investment, particularly property and real estate, growing at an extremely large rate.

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Tax on Profit when Selling

tax on profit when sellingWhen it comes time to sell your Bulgarian property, one of the first considerations for many is how much 'capital gains tax' they are likely to have to pay. Any tax you will pay on the profit you make when selling up, will depend upon where you are tax resident.

For the vast majority of Brits who are tax resident in the UK, the tax rules are the same at home and abroad: and there are sometimes ways of reducing the capital gains tax exposure. For those who are tax resident in Bulgaria, the situation is very simple and straightforward.

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Living the Dream

living the dream in the stara planina mountainsGenya and David Johnson from Rotherham love travelling, meeting new people and exploring. At every opportunity they would take off to far flung places around the world including Thailand, Turkey and India. With their great sense of adventure they started to consider investing in property abroad, they had both lived in Thailand and noticed that Bulgaria was getting lots of media coverage as a booming real estate market, Genya explains,” I suppose it was the bug for travelling that got us both interested in looking at properties oversees. We had watched lots of travel programmes on TV, and had spent hours looking on the internet in the hope of finding our dream holiday. We started looking for a new home in beautiful Bulgaria.”

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Location or Money?

money, money, moneyWe've all been there before, you're on holiday, fall in love with the place, sunbeams, blue skies and the friendly locals. By the end of the holiday you're thinking about buying a Bulgarian property, even living in Bulgaria. Perhaps dropping into an estate agent or going as far as looking at a couple of properties.

Of course, once back home reality kicks in and you fail to live your dream. Usually, this is because the fear of spending hard-earned money makes you worry about taking the plunge. However, you don't really need to let your dream go... just make an escape plan.

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A Buyers' Market?

village of malevoProperty market trends in Bulgaria. One minute the darling of the press, the next to be avoided at all costs. What is going on in real estate in Bulgaria? In this article Quest Bulgaria provides an up to date look.

There are certainly less British buyers now because of their own problems at home. However, it's all too easy to forget that there are other foreign buyers out there and, not least, the ever increasing local market.

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High End Properties Increase in Sales

luxury homes in demandBulgaria as a property investment market has had a bad deal of late in the UK. Media fuelled with stories of over-development and alleged under performance have taken the spotlight off this maturing property hot spot, leading some to believe that the boom is over and other markets are where the money is. One of the key reasons for Bulgaria’s dimming spotlight is the fact that many investors looked to Bulgaria for low entry costs into a booming market. Today, the lack of sea view apartments under 45,000 Euros or western standard villas next to a ski lift and costing under 80,000 Euros has left many with the impression that Bulgaria has been and gone.

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Bulgaria Property Viewing Trip

planning your viewing tripIf you are ready to make your trip to Bulgaria in search of your dream proeprty, here are a few tips on how to handle ‘the viewing trip’ to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

Before you go
Keep an open mind - try not to get fixated by properties you’ve seen on the internet: often these end up the least suitable!

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Rentals Reality

reality check on rental returns bulgariaMany who are planning on buying a holiday home in Bulgaria are also considering renting the property to generate some income to cover costs. The rental market in the country is still in early stages and so buyers should look at long term potential for decent returns. How are property owners doing in the current economic climate?

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