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Buying Property in Plovdiv

View over Plovdiv CityIn terms of real estate, Plovdiv is expected to achieve double digit increases in 2008. It currently ranks just behind Sofia in second place in the number of property deals that took place in 2007. Plovdiv experienced around 20,000 sales in 2007 compared to 18,000 in Varna, which used to hold the number two slot.

The city of Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, is a key economic, transport, cultural and educational centre for the whole country. Future developments include the construction of a business park worth over 64 million euros, which will be built by the investment company Prime Property BG. The park will be sited in one of the city’s most densely populated districts – Trakya on 48,600 sq. m. of land.

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Right Place to Rent?

right place to rent in bulgariaBulgaria's rental market is still in its infancy but over the last five years demand for rental homes has increased dramatically: both from the side of the supplier and the side of the consumer. Yet those buying for rental income alone, should proceed with caution rather than be swayed by hype from over-enthusiastic developers and real estate agents. There is money to be gained by investing wisely, but before you buy, research the market carefully and assess realistically whether the rental income can pay a part of the mortgage on the property.

Summer Season Holiday Lettings. The tourist season on the coast is short compared to established markets like Spain. The main holiday rental season runs from May to September, peaking in July and August.

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Investing in Agricultural Land

Have you ever pictured yourself owning acres of arable farmland or a small forest in the mountains of Bulgaria? sunflowers agricultural landInvesting in agricultural land is becoming more and more popular with knowledgeable investors looking to make large gains from a small expenditure base. Bulgarian agricultural land is often described as the most undervalued asset – it’s cheap to buy and the gains to be made are large, but what puts a lot of people off is tying up their capital whilst they wait for prices to rise.

Now there is another way to reap the benefits of your Bulgarian land investment by renting it out to the agricultural community who are literally clambering to find more available land to farm.

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Fractional Ownership

The UK housing market has had a dramatic effect on the buying habits of the population, whilst seeing more opt for fractional ownership. fractional ownershipHouse prices in the UK have soared over the last five years, making it difficult and in some cases impossible for young people and low-income earners to get a foothold on the lucrative UK property market. Yet, many of those fortunate enough to have been in the property market for some time have cashed in on rising prices and growing equity and invested their money in a second home abroad.

But what of those who have been left behind?

Those who are more cautious or who do not have the money to stretch to full ownership of a home abroad should consider a new concept in Bulgarian home ownership - fractional ownership.

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Time for Tee?

Golf in Bulgaria. Popularity in the game of golf is skyrocketing with courses starting to pop up all over Bulgaria. So, we decided to take a look at golf withinin the country, and in particular the five signature courses. golf in bulgariaDuring communist times golf was frowned on as being ‘bourgeois’ and was definitely low on the list of sports, so courses were left to deteriorate. Despite golf still being regarded as a sport of the elite it has seen fantastic development in Bulgaria in recent years. As incomes rise along with more leisure time, interest in golf is increasing within the local population too. With more courses in development, yet more in planning and more television coverage the future looks very bright.

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