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Land Banking

Fancy owning a piece of Bulgaria?Investors who have bought land in Bulgaria, or indeed have properties here with large tracts of land attached, may be wondering exactly what they should build on them to yield maximum profits. The answer, believe it or not, is nothing!

Land banking is the practice of buying land with the aim of keeping it until its original price has increased and generated a profit on the original purchase price. Land is now an attractive investment option particularly as it is a physical asset unlike shares and bonds. In Bulgaria, land purchase is one of the best investments you can make. It is cheap to buy and once you have endured the headache of the bureaucratic paper trail, it is hassle free. You do not need to burden yourself with architectural plans, finding builders, connecting utilities or, the bane of my own build, sorting out the mess of a garden afterwards.

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Property in Bulgaria

property bargains in bulgariaWe explore property in Bulgaria and what a 'buyer's market' means for both purchaser and vendor. Talking with Bulgarian estate agents regarding the property market, most will say that it is slow. However, this doesn't mean there are no British buyers out there: their desire to buy a property in Bulgaria and find out what it is like living in the country still remains.

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Small Apartment Living

small apartment livingSmall apartment living doesn't have to be an unhappy experience, you just need to follow some practical guidelines and you will not have to suffer the feeling of living in a Goldfish bowl. In addition to this you won't have to do without all of your treasured belongings or embark on a commando style obstacle course to reach them.

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Land for Sale by the Sea

Land for Sale by the Sea land for sale by the sea- Do you dream of designing and building your very own home set in stunning countryside, close to an unspoilt spot of the Blacks Sea Coast?


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House Won’t Sell

idyllic location or middle of nowhere? There are many reasons why some properties sell well and others do not. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at why this happens…Our article on valuations gives some helpful advice on how to price your property realistically for the Bulgarian market. One key point to remember is that profit on your property should reflect the purchase price plus reasonable profit and not either the money you emigrated with on top or the cost of every vacation you have spent there.

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Buying Costs of Bulgarian Property

familyeurosBuying costs for property in Bulgaria can vary immensely depending on the sale price of the property you are intending to purchase and the commision rate set out by the estate.


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Buying a Home in Bulgaria

officeworkBuying a home in Bulgaria has never been so straight forward since the law introduced earlier this year stating that foreign buyers from within the EU no longer need to set up a LTD company in order to purchase land unless it is for agriculture or forestry.

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Bulgaria- Invest Smart

attheofficeHere is a guide on how to study the papers and the land that you have in real to get the best of it? Many Buyers are making the same mistake again and again when buying or trying to develop a property in Bulgaria.

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Buying in Bulgaria

keysThe past few years have seen a rise in the cost of living in Bulgaria, but in comparison to many other European countries it still offers good value for money. For those considering buying in Bulgaria, property prices has never been cheaper.

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NewEstate - Bulgaria`s Most Successful Agent

newestateNewEstate is amongst the most successful agencies selling Bulgarian property in the Russian market. Employing 24 British, Bulgarian and Russian staff, across four offices, they succeed to resell 10-12 foreign owned properties each month. Approximately 80% sell to Russians and 20% to Bulgarians, the sales of which account for 40% of NewEstate's revenue.

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