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Other Side of the Property Crisis

bulgarian property foreclosures for a bargainDistressed sales. Whilst nobody wishes others bad fortune, this is the time to make the most of distressed property sales and foreclosures (repossessions) to bag a Bulgarian bargain. There is no doubt that the overseas property market, including Bulgaria, has taken a real hammering in the current crisis. Developers are finding it difficult to complete projects and many units remain unsold, those who bought property at the height of the market are finding it hard to service their mortgage and many properties have come onto the market as these owners seek to sell. This all adds up to create a great opportunity for potential buyers.

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Bulgaria Moves Up in Property Popularity

bulgarian property ever more popularProperty Abroad has released data on this quarter's results of top ten property locations and Bulgaria has moved up a place compared with the same quarter last year. The biggest gain was made, not surprisingly, by Turkey and America is nearly top of the list as the USA feels the pinch of the recession and properties in the country continue to get cheaper and cheaper. "Our results show that America's rising popularity peaked last year, when prices fell sharply but the UK was still in relatively good economic shape. Since then the UK has fallen into recession and the Pound has weakened against the dollar," said Les Calvert, Director of the portal.

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eBay Bulgarian Property Bargains

bag an ebay bargainSelling on eBay has forged the incomes of many small traders over the years. The site sells everything from cars and computers to meaningless trinkets, antiques, clothing and kids toys. There is no site dedicated to Bulgaria, however many Bulgarians trade legally on eBay because you can list on any site in the world without having to live in that country. Items for sale can also be posted world-wide to attract a bigger audience.Many Bulgarian properties are now listed at low prices on the site and there are numerous bidders taking advantage of this. We take a look at eBay’s Bulgarian property market

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Spotting an Upswing in the Property Market

buy bulgarian property before the upturnAlthough it may be a sharp shock for younger generations of today, economic recessions are not a new concept. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries there have been several periods of growth and decline affecting all markets and industries including property. Successful property investors purchase at the bottom of the cycle to maximise their returns but how can we spot an upswing in the Bulgarian property market and consequently the best time to buy and where?

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Realising your Assets

selling your bulgarian propertyMany small second home property investors were taken by surprise when the media announced that the global financial crisis was imminent. But how do you make cuts in mortgage payments when the property market is stagnant? And how do you get out of commitments made to buy a property abroad? Fortunately there is a solution whereby people with a property in Bulgaria can get out quick if they need to. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at how it can be done and how those with cash to invest can emulate what the clever money is doing.

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Bulgarian Property Market and the Crisis

bulgarian property market in the crisisThe global financial crisis may just help out the Bulgarian property market. "What, are you mad", I hear you say. The media says nothing is moving, developments are halted and money is nowhere to be found. Well, these very financial restrictions in the Bulgarian real estate and property market which are creating the slow down, could provide a moment to breathe, take stock and grab the opportunity to get it all back on track.

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Bulgarian Property: Practicalities of House Swaps

house exchanges in bulgariaPermanent exchange of property has suddenly become the new kid on the block in Bulgaria. The USA has been doing this for years and even in the UK a council house swap service is in operation. Swapping your Bulgarian property for one in another country has now become increasingly popular as a way to beat the current market conditions.

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Bulgaria - Hot Property on Wheels!

living the dreamLike many who are tempted by Bulgaria’s hot property market, there is plenty to tempt you even after you have made your purchase.  Despite a poor European economy – particularly in the UK – there is still the every possibility of you embarking upon your Bulgarian property dream with plenty of surplus cash!

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A Home by the Sea

bulgarian property by the seaThe talk of recession and financial meltdown is becoming depressing and in many respects the media is responsible for suppressing the property market; so much gloom and doom makes people hang on to their money just in case they are the next to be affected. In Bulgaria the mood is quite different and money still goes a long way despite drops in exchange rates. If the climate and general negativity is eating away at your spirits, then book a flight to Bulgaria and take a look at some of our coastal properties. When it’s raining in dear old Blighty you will be dining al fresco watching the sea gently lapping at the coast wondering what all of the fuss was about…

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Bulgaria Property Buyers Win, Win, Win

great value bulgarian propertyWith the economic turndown, the press talking everyone into an even bigger trough, the banks purportedly barely lending, can your Bulgarian property dream become reality? Quest Bulgaria shares information and advice on buying property in Bulgaria in the current economic climate. There are a surprisingly large number of buyers looking for property in Bulgaria who do not require high loan to value financing or have ready cash available.

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