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Building a Bulgarian Rental Portfolio

buy-to-letThe rental market in Bulgaria is growing thanks to more expats moving over and putting a toe in the water and more importantly more Bulgarians moving to the cities for work created by the multinationals that are setting up here. Buy-to-let property took off in a big way in the UK over the last ten years and has turned many ordinary folk into property owning landlords who can live on their rental income. Slowly but surely the Bulgarian market has the potential to offer the same providing you buy the right type of property in the right location.

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Buying a Second Home in Bulgaria

considering a second homeHave you dreamed of owning your own holiday home in a place where the pace of life is relaxed, the countryside picturesque and the cost of living, so low that it’s cheaper to be on holiday than stay at home? A second home in Bulgaria will give you all of these possibilities and with financial markets the way they are investing here is a sound choice to leaving your money in the bank or on the stock market.

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Taking a Gap Year

David and Janet WillisImagine the fun of taking a whole year out of your routine UK life and spending it relaxing in Bulgaria. Gap years are usually associated with pre or post university students, but not specifically. Quest Bulgaria caught up with one happily married couple whose kids had flown the nest and with that they decided that now was the time for their gap year.

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Bulgarian Property Analysis

bulgarian property marketProperty prices in Bulgaria dropped during the last quarter of 2008 and it is evident that the real estate sector across the world will continue to take a hammering as property developers retrench, vendors hesitate to put their homes on the market and buyers wait to see if there are further price falls. Tight lending and a supply / demand situation which is not clear also adds to the puzzle of whether now is the time to buy Bulgarian property.

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Small Property Development Plovdiv

roman amphitheatre at plovdivAn interesting new Bulgarian property development has caught our eye recently. The motto of the residential complex of Terres, by Maison Creative, is 'Feel Special, a living area for connoisseurs of well-being and taste'. This is an innovative and high-level, small 'green' project of family houses near the city of Plovdiv, with easy access to Sofia airport. The developers have given the project the name of Terres, the legendary king of the first Bulgarian Thracian kingdom.

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Property in Bulgaria Under 10,000 euros

renovation projects in bulgariaYou can find renovation properties in Bulgaria for sale at rock bottom prices but buying an old Bulgarian property needs careful thought as there can be hidden pitfalls. It's perfectly possible to buy a home in Bulgaria for less than 10,000 euros but they are usually wrecks, often located in remote places and not a project for the faint-hearted. However, if you are tempted to by a really cheap property to renovate, then first of all you'll need to do some extensive research for yourself.

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The Other Side of the Coin

doom and gloom"The end is nigh". How everyone seems to love to proclaim this at the moment. With all the media negativity about Bulgaria and Bulgaria property, it's all too easy to adopt a negative approach but there are good sides to a bad economic climate, if only we would look for them. The wind of change is in full flow, bringing about an alteration in values and a rethink about money and credit.

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Bulgaria Property: Lifestyle Buyers

village and small town bulgarian propertyIn the current climate where is the most secure Bulgaria property market for buyers? The days of small investors arriving with their calculators at the ready to work out how much quick money they could make are gone. However, this current financial crisis, brought about by the banks, central banks and governments has had little effect in one particular segment of the property market in Bulgaria - small town and village homes.

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No Buyers Commission

no commission bulgaria propertyAdddress Real Estate Agency, leading property agents in Bulgaria, have announced that as from today, 9 February 2009, they will not charge buyers commission. Address say that they are doing this in the light of the current difficult financial climate, to encourage buyers to purchase Bulgarian property at lower cost and to assist vendors sell more quickly. The real estate agent said that the financial crisis was first seen in the Bulgarian property market in the last quarter of 2008, when housing prices started to decline.

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It Makes Sense to Buy in Bulgaria

time to buy bulgarian propertyBulgaria's property prices started from the lowest point of any EU country. Even with much hype and prices rising more than 30% per annum for several years, property in the country remains extremely good value. Today, with stable prices which are still very low, and slightly decreasing in the last quarter of 2008, buying in Bulgaria is a sound property investment. For investors the infrastructure programme, worth billions of euros, is important news, as this will no doubt lead to a resurgence of the Bulgarian property market.

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