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Bulgaria Moves Up in Property Popularity

Property Abroad has released data on this quarter's results of top ten property locations and Bulgaria has moved up a place compared with the same quarter last year. The biggest gain was made, not surprisingly, by Turkey and America is nearly top of the list as the USA feels the pinch of the recession and properties in the country continue to get cheaper and cheaper. "Our results show that America's rising popularity peaked last year, when prices fell sharply but the UK was still in relatively good economic shape. Since then the UK has fallen into recession and the Pound has weakened against the dollar," said Les Calvert, Director of the portal.

Canada is no longer in the top ten list but Australia has entered in tenth position. Bulgaria has gained a place and is now the eighth most sought after country. The country with the biggest fall is France, from fourth to ninth. Here are the full figures from Property Abroad:


1. Spain
2. America
3. Portugal
4. Italy
5. Turkey
6. Cyprus
7. Greece
8. Bulgaria
9. France
10. Australia


1. America
2. Spain
3. Portugal
4. France
5. Italy
6. Greece
7. Cyprus
8. Turkey
9. Bulgaria
10. Canada