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Bulgarian Coastal Property Off The List

Upmarket towns and villages in Bulgaria are the smart property choice these days for buyers. Locations such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are off the radar of overseas property purchaers. Places which have previously seen as golden locations for retirement in the country are not as popular as they were. Rather, beautiful authentic towns are some of Bulgaria's most desirable locations. Increased concerns of over-building and the 'fish and chip' lifestyle, reminiscent of Spain are making Britons turn their backs on property along the Black Sea coastline.

{adsense,pub-9449817363577881, 3370438888,336,280}A much larger proportion of overseas buyers are moving to desirable inland destinations in Bulgaria. Many are seeking beautiful scenery, away from Varna and Bourgas and other high population centres, preferring places of historic interest and those towns with folklore festivals, including Bulgaria's museum towns, with beautiful buildings.

A survey team lead by Martin Ivanov, PhD and by Svetozara Petkova who studied at Warcick University, covered several Bulgarian regions and conducted intereviews with British expatriates. It laid to myth the popular belief that it is only 'poor British pensioners' who come to Bulgaria. Despite the fact that the majority of Britons contacted are indeed retired (early), quite a number are in an active age group, also choosing to come to the country along with children who now attend Bulgarian schools and kindergartens. The team hardly met any who supported themselves by solely relying on their pension. Most had some kind of business and even the pensioners were engaged in some kind of work.

Participants mentioned an array of factors which induced them to leave Britain, ranging from government policy to favourable characteristics of Bulgaria. The factors most cited for pushing them from their homeland was government policies affecting foreigners' rights and liberties in the country, not respecting the country's own population. Another was the high cost of living. On the other hand, the factors pulling them to Bulgaria are low cost of living, cost of property, early retirement, safety, good culture and a less stressful environment.

Whilst many Britons started their property search on the Black Sea coast, for most this turned out not to be the best option. Concerns over what may happen on the coast, plus potential development in outlying villages are rife. Views disappearing and newly constructed blocks arriving. A number said that the Black Sea coast was 'already too expensive'. The coast was considered offputting when they saw Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, reminding them of over-built Spanish coastal resorts and the 'fish and chip' brigade.

Brits emigrating overseas seems to have a pretty standard idea of what kind of property and lifestyle they want. This model applied equally in Spain and France in previous years and certainly Bulgaria is no different. Not in a city but rather a small town or village. Mid size villages of several hundred plus inhabitants. Detached property with garden. No isolated hamlets. Amenities to hand, so there are no worries about doctors or shopping. Many want to be able to walk into the centre of their village and town, in a relaxed atmosphere and simply say hello to their neighbours or sit and watch the world go by. On the other hand, they also like open countryside just as easily accessible from the property - edge of village remains the most sought-after.