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Bulgaria property finder now live

A 'Property Finder' for Bulgarian properties for sale with more than 22,000 homes is now live on the Quest Bulgaria website. Offering anything from land, houses to renovate and homes or villas ready to move into, through to apartments suitable for buy to let, and commercial businesses.

A simple search based on type of property, location and budget will bring up thousands of results. Powered by Best BG Properties database, the Property Finder on Quest Bulgaria is a one-stop shop for all your property searches throughout the whole country.

Try out the Property Finder now to find your perfect Bulgarian home.

Via the Quest Bulgaria website a variety of Legal and Financial Services are available. Provided by Home Point and Bulgaria Legal, who are a legal and financial consultancy firms for overseas customers. Specialising in :

Legal - setting up a Bulgaian company and legal representation
Mortgages & Supporting - mortgage advice and renegotation, annual accounts
Property Insurance
Property Valuation and Snagging reports
Property Sale
Accountancy - book keeping, payment of property taxes, VAT returns
Translation of Official Documents - such as notary deeds, contracts, etc