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Rose tinted glasses: buyer beware

Even if you ask yourself all the big important questions before buying your dream property in Bulgaria, you'll still be up against your own human failings. Falling in love straight away with a property and thinking 'this is the one', you may find your emotions make you your own worst enemy.

Quest Bulgaria takes a look at some difficult emotional aspects you should be considering before buying your home in Bulgaria.

Getting ahead of yourself is all too easy. You've made up your mind you want to buy a property, and even move to the country, so you want it now. And, your emotions of the excitement of buying, holidays in the sun and living cheap, come to the fore. It is amazing that, for what is likely the largest single investment you will make, 50% of decisions to buy a home are made on the spur of the moment within minutes of seeing the property! Keep your cool instead. Don't let heart rule over your head, otherwise you stand the chance of making a very bad decision.

You want it now. If you are ready to view a property, that means you already like what you've seen. This also means that when you get to see it for real, you want to like it. When visiting the property you are likely to see the good things and maybe not see the bad. Your emotions are again working against you, with your mind trying to ignore any potential problems and looking only at all that space in the garden full of fruit trees. Stay objective.

How the house is presented makes a huge difference. It is easy to be blinded by interior furniture. Whilst you may think you can see past this, research has proven that 80% of us cannot. Lovely pieces which you like can make you look more positively at the property. On the other hand, furniture you hate can make you overlook elements of the building which are desirable.

Instinct. Watch out for this, it could be your downfall. This inbuilt feeling could lead to you buying a house just because something about it triggers a good association. Blue may be your favourite colour but buying a house on this instinct is not to be recommended.

Putting yourself under social pressure. Are you buying the house because of the image you'd like it to portray to others of yourself? We may all dream of a rambling old farmhouse with our own land all around but will you really enjoy driving up and down that steep, potholed dirt track every day for your loaf of bread? Will you be able to stand the daily silence?

All these emotions and more conspire against you to get you to spend your hard earned money - potentially on the wrong property. Watch out for them!