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Eco Buildings in Gaitaninovo in South- West Bulgaria

For the past few years ecological problems have been discussed worldwide. Read More
Global warming, pollution, exhaustion of resources of energy, mass cutting down of tropical forests, excessive construction and many more have been the leading titles of many articles. Unfortunately, most of those articles were focused on the problem, but not on the solution.


Bulgaria is not an exception from the previously mentioned problems with predominance in the excessive construction. The country has amazing nature- almost 30% of the territory is part of the protected eco-system "Natura"- but we are destroying these wonderful sites we have by building giant hotels and tourist centers. Of course we should take advantage of them and give the chance to everyone to experience the beauty of our seaside, mountains, lakes, historical monuments, but ecositelakeby building all those hotels and guest houses we actually change the environment so much that in the end it turns out that there is nothing left to see. So the question is: How can we build tourist places to rest and enjoy the environment without changing it?

And finally the answer is here. A man would think that the person who came up with this solution must be a great architect, but this is not the case here. The idea crossed the mind of Mihail Marinov- an ordinary man who has nothing to do with architecture. If one tries to type his name in Google he would hardly find any information. It turns out that he has done this kind of things before like reviving a small village by buying all the houses and restoring their original look. This time, though, he has taken up something even more ambitious.

On the territory of 500 decares he has decided to build an eco-hotel and a whole eco-village. The concept of ecoinsidehousethe project is that man and nature can synergize without disturbing each other. All the houses in the village are made of natural materials such as clay, wood and stone. They are built in such a way that they might not be noticed by a random passer by, or at least they would not be recognized as houses. Even though they remind us of the Flintstones' house on the outside, they are actually surprisingly comfortable on the inside. Each house consists of 1 bedroom, living room and bathroom, once again everything made from natural materials.

Outside of the houses is the park- slightly changed from the original way it looked. All tecositehe changes that were made were carefully considered and discussed with "Natura", local architects and ecologists.

The result is a wonderful place to spend your vacation, where you can enjoy wonderful sites, feel close to nature and at the same time without depriving yourself from the comfort of a bed and bathroom.

Source of pictures: (Presentation Stefan Dobrev)

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