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Bulgaria-Time To Buy?

Recent feedback from estate agents in Bulgaria is showing positive signs that the down turn in the property market is coming to an end, with some estate agents predicting a large rise in sales which could begin from as early as the spring of 2011.


Bulgaria still offers the best value for money for those wanting to invest in the property and land sector of the country. With apartments in some Bulgarian cities for sale from as low as 30 000 EUR to fully renovated rural houses with swimming pools from as little as 45 000 EUR, it is no wonder that this country is still high up on the lists of potential buyers. Land in Bulgaria can also be purchases at a very low price, from as little as 25 EUR per square metre.

Estate agents in Bulgaria have reported a turnaround in the nationality of their newer clients, with many now from Russia, Romania and other areas of Eastern Europe. The majority of these investors have been the wealthier citizens of their country, but this has recently seen a change in that buyers now tend to be older middle to lower class investors seeking a holiday home. Bulgaria has for many years been a favorite holiday destination for Russian people because many visited Bulgaria in their childhood.
Previously to this, the higher percentage of investors came from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Austria etc. These countries are again showing a rising interest in what Bulgaria has to offer, and with the country not only offering the best value for money when purchasing a property or land, but it also has the lowest cost of living in the Euro Zone. The climate is also favorable to many with some areas of Bulgaria having very warm, Mediterranean like summers and mild winters.

Several expats living in other European countries such as Spain and France have re-located to Bulgaria having found that due to rising living costs that they have had to endure, life in Bulgaria offers a much more comfortable, cheaper standard of living.

If predictions become reality, then It seems that now could be the time to buy in Bulgaria whilst property is still at it`s very lowest!