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Tips on Long Term Rentals

Kitchen heaven

All kitchens should be equipped with oven, hob, microwave, fridge, freezer, toaster, kettle and pots, pans, china and cutlery as a matter of course. However, for a long term let you will want to include a washing machine, tumble drier and dishwasher - most of your tenants' homes are leaving behind homes, which will have been equipped with these necessities and they will expect them in their rental property.

Don't forget the TV

A TV is a must for long-term lettings and it is wise to install satellite television with some English language, and other international channels. A couple of weeks on holiday without a TV is one thing but a few months without any television is not an option for most. A DVD player is always a bonus.

A place for storage

Many long term tenants are looking to store their furniture and a number of removals companies charge handsomely for this. Storage facilities are much sought after, so, if you have a large, spare barn, which is dry and secure, make this known to potential clients.

Up-sell your local area

If you don't have barns, stabling or indeed don't want to take pets, are these facilities available locally? Check this out and see if you can offer these options to your customers.

Clients wishing to have a long term let each have their own individual needs and wish list but by identifying this, the Bulgarian property owner can at least tick some of their boxes. Why not consider long lets and get the best of both worlds - high weekly summer holiday rentals and a steady winter income?