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Russians Head Inland In Search of Bulgarian Properties

The last 2 years have seen a dramatic turnaround in the nationality of new investors

in Bulgaria’s property market, with real estate agents reporting a significant fall in the amount of British citizens visiting the country on viewing trips.

It has been well reported though that more and more Russian investors are coming to Bulgaria with an intension to buy a second home or to live here permanently. They have showed a very healthy interest in properties situated along the Black Sea Coast, until now!

It seems, according to estate agents reports that many Russians are having a change of heart, and direction when considering purchasing a new home in Bulgaria. Many have now decided to take a look at what’s on offer away from the coastline and are now heading inland to find their dream home.
The condition and type of property is also showing a change of attitude from the potential buyers. Unlike before when only new or renovated and furnished properties were being purchased, estate agents are now showing old properties in need of renovation to their Russian clients.

It is thought that inland Bulgaria has an attraction to Russian visitors who are considering a permanent move to Bulgaria in a bid to escape the ever increasing cost of living in their homeland.

The cost of property is also a major benefit to buyers who search inland Bulgaria. Areas such as the old capital city Veliko Tarnovo and its region are experiencing growing interest and are affordable to many people with a lower budget.

The current trend is forecast to continue for the foreseeable future with Russians being the number 1 investors in the Bulgarian property market.