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The Fascinating Area of Krapec and its Environs


Krapec is a small seaside village, located 10 km north of Shabla, about 90 km from the nearest airport of Varna at the end of an access road that hugs the Black Sea coast. It

is a quiet place known for its dunes and bird life. The village is perched on the beach, surrounded by vast wheat fields and wild nature reserves.

Krapec and the area around consists of a low plateau, slightly elevated and inclined towards the sea. The Black sea coast here is a combination of ochre cliffs and strips of beach interspersed with sand dunes. The beach is arguably the best in Bulgaria for it's cleanliness and size - it is very wide and stretches for almost 8km right up to Durankulak.

This area boasts a tremendously rich history. In particular, there is the Kibela Temple, which is the oldest prehistoric necropolis in continental Europe and is cited as being 2500 years old. It was discovered during excavations being conducted on an island in the Durankulak Lake. Additionally, the stone settlement found by archeologists near the temple is believed to be no less than 8,000 years old. The Eneolithic settlement is considered by its discoverer, Dr Dimov, to have existed from 5400 to 4100 BC. Excavations have also unearthed other remains of historical value dating back many, many years and are exhibited in the Dobrich Historical Museum.

Apart from the Durankulak Lake with its historic and natural sites, there are two other lakes rich in wild life - Shabla lake and Ezerets lake - both of which lie to the south of the village. These lakes are populated by numerous and varied species of bird, including ibises, herons and grebes. Between Krapec and Shabla cape, nature lovers can bask in the sun on deserted beaches and enjoy viewing the prolifation of cliffs.

The town of Shabla has a population of 4,451 people. It is located in the northern part of theBlack Sea Coast ( it is the eastern-most settlement in Bulgaria) and is famous for its clean and beautiful beach. It is only 24km away from the Bulgarian-Romanian border. The small town is a fast-developing resort some 83 km away from Varna. Cape Shabla consists of limestone rocks covered with loess reaching up to 10 meters high. The oldest lighthouse in Bulgaria is situated there.

Shabla has a rich history. The settlement's emergence dates back to Thracian times. Later, the town became a Greek colony, followed by the building of a Roman fortress named Karia, with a harbour in the vicinity of Shabla cape. The town's apogee was reached in early Byzantine times, when trade and crafts underwent brisk development. However, this prosperous period was followed by a downturn, during which Shabla decayed to a mere settlement of fishermen.

The archaeological excavations at Cape Shabla (about 5km east of the town) are an enormously interesting site for visitors. Traces of the antique town of Canon Limen can be seen there. These reveal the remains of an ancient Roman fortress, which has served as a commercial hub for a number of settlements along the coast.

The fish-rich Lake of Shabla is situated 2 km away from the town, right on the seashore, and is a wonderful place for fishing and recreation. It is a nesting site for more than 100,000 wild geese.

Situated less than 6 km south of the Bulgarian-Romanian border, the Durankulak Lake is famous for hosting more than 250 rare species - fish, reptiles, amphibians, marsh birds and plants, many of them included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The lake is a protected area. But it is not only nature that attracts experts and tourists to this place. On the Big island, in the lake, there is an archaeological park, which scientists call "Bulgarian Troy". Excavations revealed over 1200 funerals. The numerous gold and copper objects in the necropolis and the decorations from Spondylus and Dentatum are witness to active commercial relations with distant regions. The remains found there prove that the ancient inhabitants of this settlement possessed a very high level of economic, technological and cultural development.

If you are a lover of history, nature and wildlife, along with beaches and tranquility, then Krapec is the place for you to visit. There are still a number of very good value properties still waiting to be snapped up here, such as this wonderful villa which has came onto the property market directly from the owner at a recently reduced price of 199,000 Euros for a quick sale.

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