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Tips on Selling Property in Bulgaria

Are you trying desperately at selling property in Bulgaria but getting nowhere? Quest Bulgaria has put together some points to help market your property.

Firstly, you should value the property at a realistic price; compare others that are of a similar condition. Source the internet too; this will give you an idea of what you can purchase for your money. It may be a shock to discover how much competition there is and what you can buy for your money, but it will give you a better chance for a sale. People are still buying in Bulgaria but the market is very competitive because there is such a huge selection to choose from.


Over pricing is the main reason for lack of interest in buyers. However hard it may be to sell your house at a lower price than what you bought it for, it is often the only way to sell.
You should also make the sale attractive by leaving some of its contents. Potential buyers often want to use it immediately and do not initially want the trouble of furnishing it. So therefore, by leaving some of its contents, it makes for an attractive package because buyers can use it immediately.

If possible consider renting the property with the option to buy at the end of a certain length of time for e.g.3 - 6 months. Ensure an agreement is made with the interested clients stating that the house is available to rent, but still continue to market the property.

This will interest those considering relocating and give the buyer a chance to ‘Try before They Buy'. When prospective buyers are given the chance to make a house their home, it may make a difference and result in a sale. If it doesn't work and has been an inconvenience, at least you will have earned an income from the rental.

When you have made the decision to market your property, ensure it is with longstanding, reputable estate agents; ask others for recommendations and do your homework.

Quest Bulgaria has a private sales section aimed at selling property in Bulgaria. Read our detailed article offering bargain advertising rates! So if you have a property to rent or sell, let us help and get in touch with us today.