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Invest Smart: Bulgaria is Still Waiting for You

During the recent economic crisis Bulgaria never stopped attracting expats, visitors and people wanting to find their place under the sun. And this is maybe not suprising

because Bulgaria is a land of extraordinary natural beauty and diversity, so that everyone can find a place to like, to visit and to want to return to. If you are in love with the countryside, we will understand you. As you will not be the only one...

How to choose the right place

If you want to find a place to spend your holidays, a corner to dream of from time to time during the journey to work on a Monday - choose with your heart! No matter where in Bulgaria you decide to invest, this will be a wise step!

Bulgaria is not shining, but is a real diamante in terms of fantastic nature and food, friendly people and rich history. Here you are walking on ruins, waiting to be discovered. And if you are attracted by the history- this is your place!

You can decide to invest in almost any corner of the country. The Government has begun to focus its efforts to build and renovate motorways and highways. And we would expect that access in the future will be only better and better.

Do not hurry to buy. Explore Bulgaria as much as you can and by the end of the process you will know where to settle.

You may decide to build your own villa or renovate an old building. It is possible to rent out your property when it is complete, but do not expect a large return.

There will always be a Bulgarian family to do your property management.

If you are looking for a place where to spend the rest of your life after retirement- choose a village property, close to a small town and enjoy!

What to do after the property purchase?

Many investors do stop to worry about papers and legal issues after the deal.
We understand them: they are so happy from their choice, so that they forget about these boring things.

However there are a number of simple things to be done after the deal:

1) Check with your RE agent if the property is declared with the Municipality:
A. in the Municipal tax Department
B. in the Municipal Cadastre Department

2.Apply for a new property plan on your Bulgarian company name. Here we call it skitsa.

3.Find a local Lawyer - English speaking and fast answering.
Show your skitsa and property plan to the Lawyer and ask if:

A. you have not settled regulation accounts. Please note: having not settled regulation accounts is not a problem with your ownership, but with the actual property boundaries, as in many villages the village plans are old. Your Lawyer will know how to fix this
B. all of the buildings are on the property plan and their type

4. Change the electricity, water and telephone bills to your name. Locate the places where you can pay these bills.

5. If you are not going to live in it or use the property all the time, on all accounts find a key-holder or someone to maintain it. There is no need you to jump with the big companies for doing that. The locals can do the job perfect as soon they know some basic English and have Internet skills. The best places to search and find such people are the village Mayor, local teachers or in the village pub. No one will ever refuse to help you! The Bulgarians are extremely friendly to foreigners.

6. Say "Hi" to the Mayor and leave your details with him/her.

7. Insure your property.

8. Find an accountant to do your accounts. Again English speaking and fast answering if possible

The renovation of your old buildings or the building of a new building on your plot could be an easy process, as soon you refer to professionals.

Tips and Tricks

1.Do not ever trust people saying they can do everything for your property and call them "Maystor"

2.Do not ever give the whole amount of funds in advance if you do not know the person

3.Do not do any agreements for larger sums without written contracts and some receipts for the sums paid

4.Do not go for any renovations or new builds without permits

5.Do not believe that barns could be easily turned into residential areas