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The Bulgarian Property Market 2012

The ongoing economic recovery and growth since the end of 2010 has brought optimism and helped the real estate market to start gradual recovery from the crisis, which was evident in the first half of 2011.

This statement is based on the fact that the volume of the property bargains has increased lately, slowing the pace of lowering the prices and meanwhile interest rates on mortgage loans are now to be found at lower levels.

More and more foreign property investors are turning their backs on some of the major property markets in Europe and heading to eastern countries like Bulgaria and Romania.

Another reason for increasing the interest in buying Bulgarian properties is that from 2012 the conditions for foreigners who want to buy property are much less complicated.

From January 1, 2012 with the removal of the temporary prohibition, the purchase of Bulgarian property with adjoining land by citizens of the European Community became possible. This opportunity can benefit all citizens of the European Union together with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation. Previous to this regulated land was purchased only on the name of a legal entity. Foreign physical persons were not allowed to own land or property with land. The new changes now give the opportunity to all European citizens who had purchased property through a company to transfer the property to themselves as individuals. Those who intend to purchase property can now easily do so. From a financial point of view, this will save a lot of additional costs that were obligatory for the owners of companies. After two years from 2012 it is expected that the prohibition for purchasing an agricultural land in Bulgaria by the European citizens will expire.

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