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Investing in Rural Bulgaria

Property buyers in Bulgaria  are discovering that they can buy a much more substantial property for a much lower price in Bulgaria's "green gold", the beautiful countryside.

If you are property buyers in Bulgaria looking for a true family home, then staying away from snow and beachfront, is value for money and a viable alternative for both budget and lifestyle.

What is the potential in a countryside property?

Much of the countryside is overlooked by foreign purchasers but when these buyers visit the areas outside of the cities, coast and ski resorts they are surprised to find places untouched by modern living and realise that there is unspoilt nature and friendly people.

Even the small villages have phone lines, mobile phone coverage and cable tv offering international television channels. Although the infrastructure in the countryside is undeveloped, things are improving significantly, with better roads and regular buses to nearby larger towns. Most small towns will have fully tarmaced roads, pavements, street lights (even some on automatic, so that they come on when you walk nearby), local food shops, bars and restaurants, hotels, internet cafes, banks, doctors, dentists, schools and more... Although you'll have to visit your nearest bigger town for cinemas, larger supermarkets, train stations, and such.

One of the most refreshing things about owning a property in rural Bulgaria is the lack of snobbery. You won't find designer clothes or snooty neighbours. What you will find on the whole is a hard-workingb populace mainly employed in agriculture and farming, local woodworking, and other skills needed locally.

Some of the locals will go to the snow or sea resorts in the construction season for additional work. Lack of any social policy in Bulgaria did not encourage these people to start their own businesses, which is a pity as there are many skilled craftsmen in the villages.

Apart from the delight of the people and the way of life, there are many opportunities for property buyers to develop activities and their own businesses. Such as bed and breakfast, horseriding and other activity holidays, cultural holidays, birdwatching - based in beautiful quiet places with no stress and no pollution.

Depending upon the actual area, property prices are from 5,000 euros for full renovation, to 60,000 euros for a house for modernisation, through to 100,000 euros for a house fully renovated with good original architectural features.

You'll find almost any property style you can imagine. There are adobe houses, single storey, two/three/four storey houses, stone built, stone first floor with wooden second floor. Some with slate rooves, others with huge eaves which make it seem as if the houses will fly !

Here are our top five reasons for buying rural Bulgarian property:

So much choice
- from small cottages, to large family houses and even property large enough to run your own bed and breakfast or set up your own business
- a ruin to renovate, habitable for modernisation or fully renovated

- pretty towns and villages
- a piece of history
- listed buildings and museum towns
- breathtaking countryside
- you can still be within about an hour of an international airport, the capital, the coast, a ski resort or a golf course

Quality of build
- you see what you are buying
- more character
- can move in straight away

- really cheap
- good prices for retirees, first time buyers and those on a limited budget
- hold prices better in downturns

- quality of life (living or holidays)
- opportunity for rural tourism
- the people

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