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Buying in Bulgaria

The past few years have seen a rise in the cost of living in Bulgaria, but in comparison to many other European countries it still offers good value for money. For those considering buying in Bulgaria, property prices has never been cheaper.

Real estate companies compare today's prices with those of 2006, before the property boom. However, you must remember that the property market then was in its infancy and now after several years of foreign investment throughout the country, much of the property available offers exceptional value for new investors.
The choice is yours; the Bulgarian real estate market is flooded with modernized houses at exceptional prices, along with properties needing to be renovated at rock bottom prices. It is not unrealistic to buy a house in Bulgaria for less than a second hand car in the U.K!


Property hunters from richer western countries often have a reasonable amount of equity in their homes, which allows buyers to purchase outright in Bulgaria. Alternatively, renting out a U.K property can help towards financing living costs in Bulgaria.

For those who have spare cash after buying property, it may be worth considering saving with Bulgarian banks. The interest rates are still higher than other European countries at the moment, and most banks offer a good choice of saving deals that can earn you an income, depending on how much you have to save!

Reliable incomes - lifestyle change

Bulgaria is the ideal location for people searching for a positive change of lifestyle, and who have a dependable income from benefits or pensions. It may mean existing on a limited budget, but it is likely that you will have no mortgage, which is a huge bonus for most people, and results in a cheaper cost of living. Your cost of living, however, depends largely on the type of standard of living you wish for, but if you are fed up of keeping up with others in the materialistic western society, Bulgaria gives you the chance to go back in time and learn plenty of ways to live with less money.

Inland regions provide buyers the opportunity to be self sufficient as most houses come with ample land for growing fruit, vegetables, and keeping chickens and small animals. Although it can be hard work, many foreigners enjoy this alternative life and gain plenty of tips from their neighbours.

Rural verses City

Buying in rural villages and small towns can be a huge advantage as there is less to be tempted by in the way of modern shopping malls and outlets that have taken over the larger Bulgarian cities during the past few years. The western influence and cosmopolitan style is certainly visible which has made city life expensive. But expats with businesses, or who still need to work will find that there are more prospects here.