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Bulgaria- Invest Smart

Here is a guide on how to study the papers and the land that you have in real to get the best of it? Many Buyers are making the same mistake again and again when buying or trying to develop a property in Bulgaria.

With the following lines, we will try to summarise the possible mistakes by looking at the process and what should be looked at (papers, professional surveys etc) when investing.

When buying a property:

1. If at all possible do not purchase property through the Internet or by giving some prepayment in cash without documental evidences, as this is not a small purchase and this process is connected with important actions to get performed. In this sense - do not trust if someone tells you he has "sold" you his property on the Internet. Although there are many fair sellers, you can easily lose your money if you think that you can really purchase a property purely on the Internet or by effecting cash payments without documental evidences.

2. Be careful with some Real Estate agents without offices, official staff and always use an independent Lawyer or Solicitor to check the papers for you and to prepare the Preliminarily Contract and the Notary deed for you.


A - the papers of the Seller should be checked by your Lawyer before you do any payments at all as otherwise there is a chance you to pay not to the right party or not for the property in question or it could turn out that the property in question has some legal problems;

B - use always an independent Lawyer/ Solicitor to check the papers and prepare a Preliminarily Purchase Contract and Notary deed for you.

C - Do not always trust the Real Estate agents without offices, staff etc as among the professionals there are other whose primary aim is to just get the money off you. Always check the detail for example: that there are not settled regulations accounts for your plot or that there are buildings with not clear legal status as part of your property (illegal buildings).

3. There are some key papers which you need to see before purchasing a property

A - The notarised purchase contract for a property, called the title deed. It contains important information that could be revealed only by professionals: experienced RE agents, Lawyers/ Solicitors and of course Notaries. However- Notaries are not consultants, so you have to rely on the first two types of professionals for this process

B - The property plan, called in Bulgaria skizza. It contains further important information and in most of the cases illustrates the graphic layout of the property, its legal status, your boundaries and neighbours and other important details. It is issued either from the Municipal or the National Cadastre department and is usually valid for 6 months after issue, if not renewed.

C - Certificate of inheritance (in case some of the property owners has died). If some of the property owners have died, this does not make the deal impossible, as soon the inheriting parties do all agree to the conditions of the sale. It is issued by the village Mayor or the Municipal administration.

D - Other required papers. There is variety of other papers that could be required by a deal, depending on the case. Experienced Lawyers/ Solicitors and of course Notaries are those to specify them.

When aiming to invest in a property:

Important papers, checks and surveys:

Experienced Architect: this is the main person you will definitely need when aiming to build or renovate a property. Again you might need at a certain stage a legal consultancy as well.