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Probably you will be asked again to present:

1 - your title deed and actual skizza

2 - If there are problems with the Municipal regulation, instead to issue you the official property plan (skizza) the Municipal administration might require you to present a Detailed urban plan first (called in Bulgaria with the abbreviation PUP).
What is a detailed urban plan (PUP)? This is updated, detailed property plan; the draft is prepared by a Geodesy company and/or Architect, which has to be accepted by the Municipality with the respective official Ordnance, issued by the Mayor. Architects are usually very happy if this is the case as the detailed urban plan (PUP) reveals for them the whole picture and this way their life is easier. In fact having a detailed urban plan in hand they will be able to easily help you with advice.

3 - Planning permit (Visa to design). The visa to design is the principle planning permit, which is in fact a freshly issued property plan or detailed property plan, containing the individual instructions of the Municipal architect. For example: which are the minimum distances to get respected, the density of construction allowed, and the type of building allowed.
Having the planning permit in hand your Architect will be again very happy as this way he will be able to advise you if your intentions could be fulfilled or there will be some corrections needed.
Always trust an Architect, having a planning permit in hand, as this way he is confident what is he saying and advising you.

4 - Consent of your neighbours
It could be the case that you need an official Consent of your neighbours to build close to their property or on the boundary. Always use a Lawyer/ Solicitor to study the case and prepare the set of papers.

Even with the planning permit in hand, in some cases the Architect will need some more information:

For example where the supplies will come from or what the type of soil is.

5 - In the first case you will need to coordinate your fresh property plan with the local Water and Electricity company.

6 - In the second case, the Architect will advise you to ask for a Geology survey. The Geology survey will take some tests of the soil of your property and will ensure precious information for the Architect and the Structural engineer as well. Do not refuse to perform such a survey as it will only give you the right picture of the soil on your plot. This way the Architect can protect you of losing money if the terrain is clayey or soft and you want a multi level heavy building.

Always use the professionals

Bulgarian Building Services are here to help you make the right start to your Bulgarian adventure

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