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Small Apartment Living

Small apartment living doesn't have to be an unhappy experience, you just need to follow some practical guidelines and you will not have to suffer the feeling of living in a Goldfish bowl. In addition to this you won't have to do without all of your treasured belongings or embark on a commando style obstacle course to reach them.

Reduce Clutter

You obviously adore your processions but don't make yourself feel cramped by them, put things away when they are not being used, as it can feel slightly depressing to be surrounded by clutter. Get hold of a few large storage containers which are pleasing to the eye and store as many of your things that you only occasionally use. A good example of such space saving strategies is to make a coffee table out of an ottoman or tea chest.

You more than likely have hoards of boxes containing other belongings but you don't have the slightest clue as to how to hide them from view. Let's look at this from an interior designer's expert point of view. They would achieve the best result by using simple to install room screens or dividers. These can be erected very easily and depending on the quantity of items to store, you should not have to lose too much of your precious living space. Your boxes can then be stacked up to ceiling height leaving the room with much less clutter on display and effectively making your room looking far more spacious and feeling more relaxing.


Small rooms can often seem dark and unimpressive and it is this which can play a vital role with regards to how you visualise the rooms of your apartment.

To rectify this is simple, purchase some quality lighting. Reading lamps are a great place to start due to the fact that they can now be bought for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder and the lighting which they provide offers a far better spectrum compared with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  If you don't have enough floor or unit space for such lighting then you could consider wall lights. The number of lights that you have should be kept to a minimum, it's far better to have just two good quality lights per room then 10 less effective ones.

Still Struggling?

You've tried everything but you are still left with too much stuff! Now it's time to be hard on oneself. It's quite possible that you have moved from a house of whatever size with all those belongings to try small apartment living. It is virtually impossible to fit in all of what you brought along, you simply cannot contain the amount of goods now that other people can. So what are the options? Well, if you have loads of money and you treasure your belongings as much as you think then there really are only two choices; 1, you rent some storage space or 2, you admit to yourself that small apartment living is not for you and you then start looking for alternative accommodation.

There is however another option and this is to have a sort out of everything that you own. A good rule of thumb here is to look at what you have and the last time you used it. If it has been 6 months or more then there's a good chance that you don't need it - free space already!

Once you start using this method of de-cluttering then the more items you remove the more benefits of free space you will appreciate making further reductions much easier.

The Pros and Cons of Small Apartment Living

Making the most of the space you have has to be a top of the list disadvantage but this has been covered here and explained how the drawback can be fairly easily worked around.  Another problem to take into consideration is laundry and in particular drying it. You may not have the necessary space for a tumble drier but you could consider a washer - drier. Depending on your location and climate you may have long or short durations of being able to hang washing on a balcony line.

There are huge financial benefits to gain in your apartment and keeping it warm or cool all year round will be surprisingly inexpensive in comparison to larger accommodation. Many modern apartments these days also have the added benefit of solar panels which can help to power your   hot water boiler.

Keeping Safe

If your apartment is on any floor other than the ground floor then for your own safety it is of ultimate importance that there is an adequate fire escape should you have to evacuate the building during a fire. Your rooms should also be fitted with fire/smoke detectors.

Making the Decision

It is always best to look at all your options and decide for yourself if small apartment living is for you. Try short term renting to begin with, that way you can test the water without too much commitment.

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