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Tips to Attract More Buyers

Are you in despair at trying to sell your house? Has it been on the property market a while with little interest?

Although it can be hard work before a viewing, particularly if you have children, to always be on top of making sure the house is neat and tidy, it will be worth it in the end when you find a buyer!

Here we give you with some helpful tips to make your property more attractive and furthermore draw in more interest and make the viewings go smoother.

Clean Outdoors

The first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of the property so first impressions count. Often a viewer will have seen photos of the property on a website and nowadays this can mean they can look much better than in real life. So to avoid disappointment ensure the house is in pristine condition. Make sure the front garden, driveway or pathways are tidy and weed free. Refresh outside paintwork if necessary and keep it clean. If you own an apartment this can be less of a concern, but it is still good to keep paintwork and balconies clean and uncluttered.


Again, it is a good idea to make a good impression. Considering a flash makeover if the budget allows it, could make all the difference with a fresh lick of paint. Also if necessary hire a professional cleaning company to do a scrupulous job of the interior areas that have seen better days; such as kitchen, carpets and upholstery. The inside should be as squeaky clean and tidy with all clutter put away. In addition make certain the place smells fresh too - nobody wants to enter a house that has odours from stale smoke or pets.


If it is dull day make the place more warm and welcoming and switch the lights on and heating if necessary. Buyers want to visualise living here, and want it to feel good.

The tour

Planning the viewing is vital. This is your chance to sell the property, so have a well rehearsed plan in advance. Decide where you are going to begin and what you are going to say. Viewers want to know as much as is possible about a place after all they are spending a lot of money. Be as informative, interesting and professional as you can – practise if you need to. If you have several viewings in one day make sure they are timed carefully.

Try not to appear desperate simply stay calm and polite. Often you can sense reactions form interested buyers when they linger a long time in one particular room, or if they go back for another look. Some viewers even start to plan where they want some of their furniture to go! Hence react accordingly and if they start to talk money, you may be near to a sale, but don't get too eager!!

Ask questions too it sometimes helps provide you with more details on who is serious about buying and those who are just simply considering their options. Although most people are genuine you will also have a share of time waster s out there who just wants to be nosy!