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Selling your Bulgarian Property

Selling your Bulgarian property looks to be more complicated that it first seems. Back in the boom days, buyers waded through thousands of offers to find the best property for them, today those same owners are now selling and trying find the best agent instead.

Not actually such a simple task; the market has changed considerably and if by chance your original agency is still in business they may no longer be best people to help you. Today the Russian market is absolutely key, all vendors must be mindful of its relevance and how it can completely control them successfully selling or not. Although the majority of complexes were built and designed to suit British and Irish tastes, now it is only the properties from that stock which meet the Russian taste that actually sell.

See below a refreshingly honest and straight talking interview with Christophe Gater, Managing Director of NewEstate, who discusses the current market conditions and offers genuine unbiased advice to vendors.

Plenty of research and objective analysis is needed in order to source the right agency for you and your property, there are far more out there that should be avoided than there are professionals who can actually sell. Many Dublin based agencies have taken to charging upfront fees to create their profits and revenue rather than actually selling the property they list, this underhand sly tactic has cheated thousands leaving them out of pocket and in no way any closer to finding a buyer.