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Removals to Bulgaria | Top 3 Companies

It can be difficult at times to find a reputable honest company who provides a service for removals to Bulgaria, however with the correct research and recommendations you will soon find the ideal removal company who you can safely trust to transport your beloved possessions.

Most of us just want someone who will do the job without any fuss or added complications. Quest Bulgaria has compiled a top 3 list of companies that have been tried and tested by many people who would recommend them to others.

Several removal firms will insist on their customers using packaging materials that the companies will advice and provide. Some others will insist that clients provide an inventory list. This will typically be a detailed list containing every single item that is to be transported to Bulgaria. The estimated value will also be added on occasion. This procedure can result in a lot of hard work being spent itemizing all of your homely goods, however it can also prove to be a real savior if anything becomes lost or damaged. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the company you choose for your removals to Bulgaria has adequate insurance to cover you in the event of loss or damage. The good news is that any reputable home removal company will already have this and they will have no objection in providing the proof for their clients’ inspection.

Get a Quote

The first step would be to find out as accurately as possible how much space your belongings will take up. This will be required by all removal companies although some may be more lenient on the accuracy than others. The measurement will be required in cubic meters (m3) and once you have informed your chosen company for the removal, they will then provide a quote compiled from the information you have given them. Most companies will have their own website and if you take a look you can normally find their prices per m3. This can be quite helpful in that one can get a general idea of the price before contacting them direct. It can save you a lot of time by simply “weeding out” the very expensive ones.

The Best of the Best

Let’s take a glimpse at the top service providers who specialize in removals to Bulgaria and vice versa.

  1. The preferred removal experts who many British people have used and who speak very highly of is UK 2 BG This small and extremely friendly family firm operate from both of their bases both in the UK and Bulgaria. They offer transportation both ways and even internal removals within Bulgaria. The cost per cubic meter is 120 Euros for most of England. All loading and unloading is carried out by their own staff so the customer is not required to handle anything.
  2. The biggest removal company of all is Allied Pickfords. They operate from bases worldwide where they have regional offices. Allied.Bg have a base with storage center is Sofia and they provide removal services between the UK and Bulgaria.
  3. Based in the London borough of Enfield, Dolphin Movers operate in and out of Bulgaria on a weekly basis. They provide a free home survey, packing loading and unloading at the customer’s new residence and if required, free secured storage for up to 4 weeks whilst preparation is underway for departure.

Whoever you finally choose, just follow our advice above and your removals to Bulgaria should go smoothly with the minimum of stress. Good Luck!