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Time for Tee? - Investment


These days golf is no longer a sport for the wealthy. Here are our top reasons for why to invest in golf property :

It’s a really good investment. Demand for golf property remains high so resale is easier. If you are buying the property off-plan this will usually result in a gain by the time the course is open. Golf properties offer a good lifestyle choice

Excellent rental potential as golfing interest skyrockets. Rental returns particularly good when the course is combined with ski / beach.

There are few opportunities to buy on a golf course in the UK and those that exist are very expensive. You’ll get much more for your money in Bulgaria. The golf course properties in Bulgaria are hardly any more than properties in other developments of a similar quality.

Longer Season When the course has top quality facilities, the rental season can be extended

Even if you don’t like golf, with the other facilities on site there is plenty to do

Golf developments are child-friendly with swimming pools and even creches; horse riding, mountain biking and many other activities

Golf courses generate a real sense of community living

With bars, restaurants, shops... you’ll never have to leave your property to be entertained

Experience your favourite sport in a totally different culture

The future
If you’re buying as a second home, this could be your home to retire to later on!