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Real Estate Agents in Bulgaria - Shop Around


Be realistic about your price range

You should give your agent a price range to work with and do not allow them to go over this, or significantly under.

If you have done enough research, you will have a good idea of prices for the type of property you want to buy.

Ask the agent taking you on a viewing trip for a list of properties they intend to show you, in advance of your visit.

You will not get details like you get at home, but you should expect the location of the property, price and basic description. If they will not do this, cancel the viewing and find another agent.

Too many agents think they can palm you off with something they have had on their books forever.


Shop around

How many agents are working in your target area? What do they have, which meets your specifications? You should not be looking for the agent offering a hidden bargain that others have missed - most land and properties are round about the same price within each area. What you need to do is to look at as many target properties as you can, but don‘t overdo it.

Do not forget to enquire in advance, about how much the agent charges for viewing trips and commission fees; these are the add-ons, which vary tremendously.


Do not be pressurised into buying

When we moved to Bulgaria, we felt that if we did not buy quickly we would miss the so-called ‘boom.’ The fact of the matter is you will not miss out.

Price rises are small and gradual, not something, that happens from one day to the next. You can afford to take your time.

Naturally, the agent will tell you the property you are looking at is new to the market and will be sold quickly! I guarantee you will find something exactly the same or better if you let that one go.

Agents also put clients under pressure to have cakes or drinks with the seller, this is just time wasting. Unless you genuinely want to meet some local people, be ruthless and state from the outset that you are not prepared to hang around at each property (especially when you could be skiing or lying on the beach).

Everyone has a tale to tell about his or her viewing trips, but most of the negative press comes from a distinct lack of preparation on the part of the buyer.

Remember, ‘Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation’ (Roger Staubach, professional American football player)