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Top Tips for Selling Online

The internet can be a cost-effective tool when it comes to selling your property but there are two main points to keep in mind for success ... a picture paints a thousand words and be concise! In this article we take a look at how you can make your property eye-catching and how to present it online for sale. We take into consideration photos, price, description and costs, together with tips from the leading internet sites selling Bulgarian property.


Starting at the beginning, the first and most important thing is that your property has to stand out above the others.

Most buyers don’t read descriptions but briefly look at the screen selecting those which are most visually appealing to them, then those within their budget. Those properties which get first look get first attention.

Second in importance is the way that online sites present your property and their charges for doing so.

Selecting photographs

Starting with the visual aspect, photographs are critical to your property sale. If you put your property onto a site without photos you will be likely to get only a small fraction of the hits your
property would have had with images.

Taking a look across the thousands of online sites, they in the main present properties in a similar way. This is with the visitor to the site starting with a database search which then returns a list of properties matching the selected criteria together with one photo of the property and brief description. As this is only one photo, it is the main one of your property and is the most important, so it has to be attractive in order that buyers will click through to see more about your property.

Keep in mind that buyers will have an expectation in their minds based on the type and price of the property. Looking in the higher price brackets, buyers will expect to see either an impressive property or one in exceptional condition. Similarly if they are looking at the lower end, then they won’t be surprised if the property is small or in poorer condition.

This one photo is the one which has to capture the buyer to persuade them to find out more. Once through to your property description and details, the remaining photos are no less significant as it is these which should provide the call to action - to contact you. These photos help sell the property and it is better to include less photos which are all attractive than dozens which are poor. Just because you are allowed, say, up to 20 photos does not mean it is wise to use them all.

The photos should emphasise attractive features of the property, such as fireplaces, beams, etc. Also use them to highlight any particular features including views. Take photos during the day in good light. Grey photos taken on gloomy days will do nothing to sell your property.

Ensure gardens are well kept and clear up tools and toys - actually this is the same for inside as well as out. A photo speaks a thousand words is a saying not without truth. You can save on text description by just one good photo.

A word about the size of photographs. Although many digicams now have very high resolutions allowing huge photographs, these should be avoided. There is nothing more off-putting to an internet visitor than having to sit and wait for an age whilst photos download. What a waste it would be to get someone to click through to your property only to find they leave it because it takes too long to come on screen, moving on to another property. Avoid large photos.

Describing your property

The key is to write with the buyer in mind. A brief overview of the property with number of rooms. Bring out main features such as light, high ceilings, etc.

Most buyers, whilst knowing a fair amount about Bulgaria may well not know your particular area, so information about local advantages should be pointed out. Give details not just about the property but also about its environment. Facilities nearby can all play an important role in selling the property so include schools, doctors and so on. Many internet users only ‘scan’ text so keep it concise.