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Top Tips for Selling Online - How Much

How much

Many buyers tend to over-value their property, basing the price on what they hope to get rather than what a buyer will realistically pay.

If you set too high a price you definitely risk potential buyers rejecting your property simply on this basis, when in reality you may actually accept less than the price shown.

Looking at what other houses are on the market for does help but keep in mind that this is not necessarily the price at which they are sold. Also, consider pluses and minuses that your house has compared to these other properties and adjust your price up or down accordingly. Try not to think of these pros and cons in your own terms but imagine them in the mind of the buyer and his perspective of them. For example, just because the property is your holiday home and you only use it in summer, you may consider that central heating is not important - but will a buyer see it this way?

Many online advertisements do not get updated and some properties have been on the internet a long time. During this period, prices may have gone up or down.


Costs of online advertising

The costs of placing your advertisement online vary across sites. Some charge commission from the vendor or a fee from the buyer. When deciding which site(s) to choose for selling your property always check carefully what charges there are to both yourself and the buyer.


Tips from those in the know

Quest Bulgaria spoke to owners of two of the leading internet sites for selling Bulgarian property online for their tips and hints for success.

Dan Johnson of The Move Channel told us ‘Private vendors in places such as Bulgaria can afford to price their properties keenly, given that agents commission costs can be stripped out from the price.

Selling privately can save anything up to 5% compared to resale property being advertised with some agents, and significantly more when compared with Bulgarian new build properties being marketed by agents to the international market.

Given the high levels of supply in the market, it’s important to make sure that your property is put on the market at a realistic price that makes it attractive to would-be buyers.

If you’re going to market your property online, you should try to ensure as wide a distribution as possible. Our site reaches a wide audience, but there’s no reason why you should pass up any listing opportunity, even the free ones that only reach a small audience. Remember that it only takes one buyer - the right one - to make a sale!’

Nick Marr of Homes Go Fast adds ‘We have been helping sellers find buyers for their homes since 2003 and the trend is only getting busier. My top tips when selling online revolve around getting the right images of your property in front of as many internet users as possible. Then pricing your property to sell, taking account the potential commission savings a private seller can make. Competitive pricing is key.

Pictures really do help sell properties. So taking good pictures are all part of the marketing process and you must see that this is an important element to selling your home. With our advice, it is very easy to get good pictures that will impress potential buyers.

Your images are there to sell your home so really think about what is exactly appearing in your pictures. Untidy houses, flaky paint work, overgrown gardens, personal belongings, and rubbish bins will only serve to put buyers off.’