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Location or Money?

We've all been there before, you're on holiday, fall in love with the place, sunbeams, blue skies and the friendly locals. By the end of the holiday you're thinking about buying a Bulgarian property, even living in Bulgaria. Perhaps dropping into an estate agent or going as far as looking at a couple of properties.

Of course, once back home reality kicks in and you fail to live your dream. Usually, this is because the fear of spending hard-earned money makes you worry about taking the plunge. However, you don't really need to let your dream go... just make an escape plan.

The saying when buying property is location, location, location. This may well be true for buying property in your home country and should never be forgotten when buying in Bulgaria. However, perhaps the key but thought should be money, money, money!

Anyone who takes the time to talk with the majority of foreigners living abroad who are planning to return to their home country will discover at the root of the reasons is a lack of money.

Arriving in Bulgaria with worries about paying bills and whether you can manage to live properly or not, will kill any paradise. You need to sort out money issues before you even buy that property.


Income Plan

You need a real income. It's all very well thinking you'll be living off the land with chickens, growing your own fruit and veg but look at the reality of this lifestyle and consider if you really can do it.

Try weeding in 36 degrees C, feeding the animals in minus 10 C - and then multiply that times 7 days a week to see if it sits well with your dream without cringing. Until you crack the income question, jumping ship from home just can't happen, unless of course you are happy with just survival. If you sort out an income abroad then your life will be pleasurable and an exciting new adventure.


What to do?

Think about all the skills you have an come up with a list of things you can do to make the amount of money you will need to live on. Also, even if you have a good skill set, get learning the language. Anybody can crack this one if they really put their mind to it and make the effort.

Perhaps you're a really good chef, what about a small restaurant. Maybe you've been working as a kindergarten teacher, why not set up an expat children's centre? Whatever your choice, be realistic about potential income from the project. Alright, 800 euros a month isn't going to make you a millionaire but it will make you a decent living in Bulgaria with a very comfortable standard of living.


Next Steps

To be honest, that's it. There isn't anything else. If you can make an income you can live anywhere you wish and certainly Bulgaria can offer you a higher quality of lifestyle than Britain - and on less money.

The key is keep thinking money, money, money. Find your way to make the income you need to live in Bulgaria and the rest will take care of itself.