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The Developer's View - Activities

The new pro European government set about overhauling the economic system and since then the economy has improved greatly. Economic growth remains stable, GDP growth reached 6.25% for the full year 2005 and 6.09% for 2006. In 2007 GDP growth was 6.4%, with the first Quarter of 2008 running at 7.1%.

Economic forecasts for the next few years predict continued growth in the Bulgarian economy, and this climate of growth is creating successful local businesses and attracting significant levels of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), bringing employment to the country and expansion to its real estate market. The period 2003 - 2006 was unprecedented in terms of the FDI attracted to Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s Central Bank registered record high FDI of €4,364 million in 2006, corresponding to 16% of GDP. According to preliminary data, FDI for the period January to August 2007 amounted to €3396.3 million, indicating a second consecutive year for strong foreign direct investment. Even in the ever increasing difficult market investment is still entering the market in 2008.


The location

The town of Razlog lies in the Razlog valley and is surrounded by three mountain ranges – Rila to the north, Pirin to the south and the Rhodopes. (The Pioneer Resort is located on the slopes of the Pirin Mountain, 3km from Razlog).

Razlog is mostly famous for its houses of the so-called “Razlog-Chepino” architectural style that spread during the Bulgarian Renaissance period. Some of these have been transformed into museums of history and ethnography.

In the vicinity of Razlog, one can take hiking tours to natural sights and archaeological remains. For instance, up in the slopes, one can visit the Iztoka and Krushe protected areas with mineral water springs and medieval remains, the Mechata Dupka and Propadnaloto caves.

In the slopes of Rila, interesting sights are the Stolovatets area for its remains of a Thracian sanctuary and the Katarino area with its mineral water.


Little History

Two Thracian tribes – ‘dii’ and ‘satri’ - were the first to settle in the area of present-day Razlog. In 847, Razlog was included in the territory of Bulgaria during the rule of Khan Pressian. Thereafter, the town shared the fate of other Bulgarian lands with the major exception being its non-inclusion in the liberated territories following the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Razlog was eventually liberated following desperate uprisings by its citizens and the population of neighbouring areas - namely the Kresna-Razlog (1878) and the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie (1903) uprisings of the Pirin region.


Winter activities

The ski areas are located in two main ski centres:

1. CHALIN VALOG (1100-1600 m)
2. SHILIGARNIKA (1700-2500 m).

They are approximately 10 km above the town on the northern slopes of Pirin, and are easily accessible in approximately 25 minutes ride on the Gondola lift which starts from Bansko. The total length of the marked pistes is around 70 kilometers. The resort has excellent snow conditions with great snow cover from late December the end of April. 44 Techno alpine snow cannons cover most of the slopes and make the ski season last longer. The maximum pleasure from the various ski pistes is guaranteed by 12 Kassbohrer slope maintenance vehicles. Thus the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers and will suit both beginners and experts.

Now there is a ski board fun park which has been constructed in the area, the first on the Balkans. Here extreme thrill seekers can build jumps suiting their taste and abilities. Every day skiers and snowboarders can take part in the competitions on the new piste on Shiligarnika.

As well as the 8-seats Gondola cabin lift by Dopplemayer there are five high speed squads of the latest Doppelmayer models, one 3-seat lift by Poma, 7 drags and 10 baby drags. The total length of the lift equipment in the resort is 26 kilometers. The whole area is managed using a swipe card id system with day week and season passes available.

There is Slalom and Giant slalom runs available, there is also a cross-country track with a total length of 5 km. There is also another large development commencing about 4km away from the Pioneer Resort to the West. About 30km of new ski piste are to be constructed with more to follow.


Summer activities

The snow disappears around the end of May in the area of the Pioneer Resort at around 1000m.

The peaks keep their snow for at least another month giving a great backdrop to the whole area. When the snow melts and the spring comes, new attractions will appeal to you to come to Razlog and the magnificent Pirin surroundings.

Hiking is the sport that is practiced by the majority of the tourists who love to explore unknown alpine territories and face challenges in the mountain.

The national park starts, literally at the entrance of the Pioneer Resort. Pony trekking and other outdoor activities can also be enjoyed whist the alpine peaks and scenic nature will tempt you to take a tour and admire the magnificent alpine lakes, alternating hills and other natural beauties.

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