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Buying a Vineyard - Before you Start


Vineyard Registration

Bulgaria was required to create a Vineyard Registry as part of it's EU accession programme.

The Executive Agency for Vineyard and Wine (EAVW), a body belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, is in charge of the registry. A turnkey computerised system named ISVW is the basis for the Vineyard Registry of Bulgaria.

ISVW monitors:

- registration of new producers, updates for producer data and producer cessation
- registration of parcels of land for vinyeards
- registration of viticulture operations for the management of planting rights...
- Registry of Grape and Wine - for registration of wine production, stock, grape production and all annual declarations


Before You Start

Before you are taken away on a tide of sitting with your glass of vino looking out over your own vines, there are some things to consider.

Get to know the market and consider where you will want to sell your wines at the very outset. You need to know that even if you make high quality wine, you'll be able to sell it and that people will want to buy it.

Immerse yourself in all aspects of how to make good wine. If you don't want to make the wine yourself, find a good winemaker from Bulgaria.

Are you looking for a hobby / lifestyle or looking to make money?


How Much?

The next thing is budget. Do you have enough money for such a project? It is likely that it will cost about 10,000 euros or more per hectare of good variety vineyards. This usually does not include a house to live in.

If you are looking at a hobby, then a couple of hectares will be sufficient to just about break even. However, on a more commercial scale a small domain would be ten hectares of vines.

After the vines, then comes the "cellar" (vats, production equipment, etc). This could easily set you back 30,000 euros.

Tip : Before your first wine is ready for sale and you are paid for it, you'll have to pay for everything with your own money. Buying the vineyard itself is only the beginning of your outlay. Unpredicted expenses will certainly pop up. Be sure to have a big stash of cash.


Where to Look

Rather than heading for the 'hot spots', look for vineyards in neighbouring areas with similar cilmate and soil. Keep an eye open for up and coming areas which everyone is talking about but haven't quite arrived yet.

The reason for this is simple, in up and coming locations you can buy land without feeling you're being robbed and you might get a real bargain. Additionally, if you can manage to produce great wines in these less popular areas, you'll really stand out from the rest and be, hopefully, on the way to greatness.