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Buying a Vineyard - Top Tips

Other Considerations

Skills - those producing the best wines and who are most successful and those with the best skill in viticulture and winemaking, plus the business skills required to market the wine. If you don't have these skills you will need to employ skilled and experienced people who can assist you.

Accommodation - many Bulgarian vineyards do not include a house on the land. Where will you live? It may be possible to set aside a small parcel on which to build a house. If not, how far away is it practical to live and will there be security problems if you are not on site. Looking after a vineyard is restrictive on your time. You will be there most of each working day and if you are not there, what will be happening in your absense.

Size - a small vineyard may seem ideal but you will always be limited to the amount it can earn based on its size. There are other ways to earn income but you should have a clear idea of how to do this. Many vineyards have added extra activities such as bed and breakfast, tours, restaurants, shops and so on. These may be critical issues in earning a sensible income.


Top Tips for Buying a Vineyard

1. Choose the area carefully
2. Make sure you have enough money - plan for at least half a million euros
3. Ideal size is around 20 hectares, for about 130,000 bottles per annum
4. Where will you live?
5. The quality of the land

6. Marketing will be vital to success in such a competitive market
7. Plan for it being hard work. The vines have to be tended to every day, come rain or shine. It's not for the retired or those seeking an easy life.
8. It can take three years to show a profit
9. Pay for top quality
10. Even if you are not successful at wine making, the land and property will increase in value

If you are not into professional wine making but would like your own small vineyard, then a small two-hectare vineyard could be just up your street. Get the vines tended by a local and then sold to the local cooperative. The harvest will probably be just enough to pay for the hobby and lifestyle, whilst you'll still have the satisfaction of owning your own vineyard. After all, there is nothing better than sitting at home and seeing the grapes ripening on the vine in the distance.

For real lovers of wine, there is probably nothing else to match owning your own vineyard, whether professionally or just for pleasure, and they take the hard work as part of the fun. A vineyard allows you to put together creativity with lifestyle and very few people get that chance.

We'll raise a glass to that !