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Property Hot Spot, Spa Towns

The need to relax and pamper oneself has grown tremendously with most Western European nations offering a range of spa facilities, yet few have the vast natural mineral resources which Bulgaria has to offer. Property in spa towns and areas close by is increasing in popularity.

Bulgaria owns over a thousand mineral springs and the water content in many of them is as good, if not better than that of world-famous spas like Baden-Baden and Vichy.

Sapareva Banya - in Southwest Bulgaria lies on the Northern slope of the Rila Mountains. At the centre of the town is a unique geothermal mineral spring. Nearby, the only active geyser in the Balkans sprays water high into the air. The infrastructure around the town has been undergoing dramatic improvements with the addition of new roads, pavements, and drainage systems. There will also be a development programme of controlled, environmentally conscious hotels and visitor facilities as well as the development of the nearby mountain ski resort of Panichiste, which includes the Savoy Lodge Ski and Spa and the Rila Lake Resort.

Property prices outside of the town itself remain low, where in the nearby villages you will find a small family house for renovation for around 25,000 and approximately 40,000 euros with only modernisation required. Within the town, there are few properties for sale; those that are, retail at over 100,000 euros. Currently a large detached family home with plenty of space near the mineral springs would be about 120,000 euros. If you would like to build your own property, there are still several parcels of regulated land in the area that market at around 41 euros a sq.m.

Banya - lies between Razlog and Bansko in the Struma Valley and has 70 mineral water springs. The scenery here is incredible with impressive views across the Sashtinka Sredna Gora Mountains. The area is rich in history, once the home of the Thracians and Romans and offers many historical sites from these times. A visit is a must for all those coming to Bulgaria seeking better health through the climate and mineral water. Also its close proximity to Bansko is starting to attract investors in droves.

According to Katya Tsenova, Executive Director of Bulgaria’s leading real estate agent, Address, eight gated property complexes with a total area of 50,000 sq.m. are being constructed there as well as three village settlements. Real estate prices are in excess of 1,060 euros per sq.m. A one-bedroom apartment will cost around 86,000 euros. For those looking for something old and with bags of character, a large Renaissance style house is available for 138,000 euros.

Velingrad - One of the country’s most popular spas lies in the Rhodope Mountains in the Chepino Valley. Velingrad has a mild year round climate and a wealth of mineral waters, suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases and rheumatism amongst others. There are also opportunities to ski in nearby Yundola. There are 70 mineral springs here, which vary in temperature. In addition to the spas, Velingrad boasts another impressive natural phenomenon, the Kleptuza, Bulgaria’s largest karst landscape, which is covered by eroded towers of limestone. The karst dispels 1,200 litres of ice-cold water per second.

Investors to the region have slowly been pushing up prices and there are not many available plots. Average property prices in villages around the town are in the region of 41,500 euros with works or modernisation required. Spa areas are a great location to establish a business and almost in the centre of Velingrad there is a restaurant / bar available for 165,000 euros. A new build studio is from 36,000 euros and a one bedroom apartment from 60,000 to 100,000 euros.