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Need Agents but Don't Trust Them

If you were shown two things and thought you saw they were different, would you believe somebody who told you otherwise - even if that person were telling the truth? How you react to that question demonstrates why people need estate agents but don't trust them.

For estate agents who are working on commission from property sales in Bulgaria, the easiest way to get paid is to simplify the whole thing to get a quick completion of the transaction.


They know that if they provide too much information or start disagreeing with a client it will make the process longer, more difficult and even break the deal.

If you think that the two things you saw, let's call them A and B, are different, a sales person is unlikely to tell you otherwise. Why? Because it is easier and avoids potential conflict with you.

If the sales person told you that A and B were actually the same, it raises a question of credibility in the customer's mind and can start a whole unnecessary argument with the sales person having to work hard in proving that A and B really are the same.

Selling something to someone on what that person already believes is much easier than trying to change that person's perspective. It also helps the sales person get the deal and, more importantly, his commission.

This is all very well but an estate agent acting in this way is not acting in your best interests.

The eyes and ears see and hear what they want to, or what they expect to. Whilst a salesperson will just run with the flow a good agent should act more as a consultant and devil's advocate to the client, pointing out things which may even halt a sale but advance the client's interest.

What you need when buying a property in Bulgaria is not a salesperson but someone on your side, consulting with you. Take care when choosing your agent not to choose someone who can only see the "kerching" on your forehead.