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Choosing a Furniture Package

If you need to furnish your Bulgarian home, but do not have time to trawl the growing number of furniture stores, then purchasing a furniture package is possibly the simplest and fastest way to accomplish this. Choosing a package takes away all of the stress and hassle of locating individual items and today most packages even include kitchen utensils and small household items. Another key advantage is that you do not have to be in Bulgaria to sign up for a furniture package, it’s something you can arrange quickly and easily over the internet.




Shopping for furniture – heaps of fun or just a chore?

Furnishing your home is seen as an extremely personal activity and the end result says a lot about the person who has furnished and decorated the property. For some the fun of moving into a new home is choosing all of the furniture and accessories to match with your planned colour schemes and you may think that by opting for a package you will lose this fantastic retail experience. This is not true as realistically, shopping for washing machines, irons and fridges does not give the same buzz as shopping for matching candle holders to blend with your newly painted terracotta lounge. You can still indulge yourself in the more pleasurable side of shopping for accessories but take away the enduring task of shopping for larger items.

For others though, any form of shopping is a chore. If the process of buying a property was not arduous enough itself, that last thing you want to do is spend another few weeks deciding what is needed and mapping out where all of it will go.

Reasons for choosing a package

If you are making Bulgaria your permanent home you may at first consider shipping your existing furniture with you, but for various reasons this may not prove a wise option. Your existing furniture may cost too much to ship compared with purchasing a brand new furniture package. Secondly it may not fit in with the layout or design of your new property. If you have purchased a holiday home then you may not want to make another journey over to Bulgaria to find furniture and if you have bought an investment property you may want to kit the place out quickly on a low budget with the minimum amount of fuss so that it is ready to rent out. There is also another reason why you may opt for a furniture package; if you are looking to sell your Bulgarian home the existing furniture may be worn or may no longer match with the surroundings. Buying a furniture package will make your home look more attractive to prospective buyers and you can include the furniture as part of the selling price thus adding an additional benefit to your property.
The Association of Bulgarian tour-operators states that, "Based on the ever-increasing number of holiday apartments, the quality and the design of the interior is becoming the defining feature for best letting. Its reflection on the price per night is not large, but a good interior can considerably increase the occupancy rate." Surely this is reason enough to consider using a co-ordinated furniture package!

Selecting your package

There are a growing number of furniture suppliers and providers who supply packages in Bulgaria and understand that furnishing a home is not simply a matter of making sure the sofa fits in the lounge. It is wise to look for accompany that is a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), who subject its members to   a rigorous code of conduct, which protects consumers in all matters of buying property overseas.

A reputable company will ensure that the final touches are also taken care of. When furniture packages were first available on the Bulgarian market choice was pretty basic – more or less a matter of choosing between a basic package and a premium alternative. Nowadays, furniture packages offer far more choice in terms of cost, quality and styles and you can now rest assured that your ex pat neighbour will not have exactly the same furniture as yourself.

A furniture package company with a good reputation for quality and service will take the stress out of the delivery and installation by offering this as part of the package deal. This means that you don’t even have to unpack the boxes or assemble any furniture. When you arrive at your new home it will be ready for you to put your clothes in the wardrobe and make a cup of tea. Of course you will have certain preferences as to the layout of the furniture, but you can discuss this with the company when ordering. Part of the appeal and also one of the unique selling points about using a furniture package company is that you don’t need to worry about any aspect of furnishing your property. Some companies allow you to exchange or include additional items in your package, whilst others will offer a very personal service helping you to design your interior and suggest the most suitable furniture package for your needs, location, taste and budget.  There is usually a choice of colours for soft furnishings and sofas, as well as wood and laminate items and many will include a choice of accessories like towels and bed linen. Orpheus Interiors even offer a wall picture service so that you can personalise and co-ordinate your property. In fact the small items package offered by many good companies saves you the chore of remembering those items often overlooked until the one time that you need them; things like the garlic press, colander cheese grater.
Companies like Orpheus Interiors also go one step further in their customer care allowing clients to track their order online. Their clients can now follow the progress of their order to get up to date information on the status of the items ordered. Secure payment can be made online by credit or direct debit cards.  
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits apart from the time saved is that by opting for a furniture package you can save money too, why not check out some of the deals available?

Furniture pictures courtesy of Orpheus Interiors