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Buying Old Property in Bulgaria: Top Tips

There is a certain charm about old Bulgarian property set in beautiful countryside, which is hard to resist. Old houses in Bulgaria come in all shapes and forms. From little white painted cottages to towering castle style properties and all incredibly low priced. When viewing these properties it is all too easy to fall for their charms and affordability.

With so many properties to choose from at such low prices, you need to watch out and make sure that your Bulgarian property doesn't turn out to be a nightmare that gobbles up your money.

There are tales of being "ripped off", and this can happen, but in the main it may be you who is your own worst enemy!

Buyers are often seduced by blue skies, sun, wonderful properties which are incredibly cheap and look at everything through rose tinted glasses. Problems with the property are then missed and the language barrier can result in misunderstandings. You could even end up with the wrong property.

If you're considering buying an old property in Bulgaria, here are our top golden rules:

- Translator. It is absolutely vital that you have all documents translated by a registered translator. Never sign anything unless you are sure you know precisely what it says and the implications.

- Learn some of the language, particularly any useful words related to property and property buying in Bulgaria. Anything you know will come in handy when viewing or talking to builders.

- Ask questions. Agents are so used to the buying / selling process themselves they tend to forget to tell you things. Bulgarian estate agents earn good money from each property sale so don't be afraid of being a pest: if you are not sure ask and keep asking until you get an answer.

- Preliminary contracts. If you are buying the property and need a mortgage to do so, ensure there is a clause in the preliminary contract stating that the purchase is subject to your obtaining a mortgage.

- Research into the process involved in buying a Bulgarian property.


- Get your own independent lawyer.

- Renovation. Get quotes and don't rely solely on the agent who says he knows someone who can do whatever you want done. Renovations on an old Bulgarian property can cost more than you think and eat away your hard-earned cash.

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