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Investment Proof Buys

There is no doubt about it, now is a good time to buy Bulgarian property.  Those buyers who have cash in hand and those who have access to low interest rates have a good opportunity to buy property in Bulgaria at great prices. This could be just the right time to bag that investment-proof home.

Prices are pretty much steady in Bulgaria and some properties have shown a drop, with many vendors pricing their property very realistically. Despite the stable or reduced prices and the access to incredibly low mortgage rates in the UK, many Brits seem wary of buying. Perhaps they are waiting in the belief that the market has not yet bottomed out - but usually the only way you find this out is after it has done so and it's too late!

The good news from the current financial climate is that it is possible to land a real Bulgarian property bargain. With careful research and our insider advice you can get a property which will increase its value over time.

What makes a property an investment-proof buy?

Buy at the right price and in the right location. This is longstanding advice but right now it is even more important than ever. Look at the most established areas in the country to make sure your money is as safe as possible. Be careful though not to pay too high a price - negotiate.

Think about resale. Who will be likely to purchase your property if you decide to resell it? Homes in Bulgaria draw many nationalities, including the increasingly wealthy Bulgarians. A Bulgarian is unlikely to buy anywhere which is too rural, although this would appeal more to Britons. A Bulgarian is likely to buy an historic property and so is a Briton. A property which appeals to both is going to be more in demand and command a better price.

Try to avoid homes which are too rural and those which are really isolated. If the property is close to an airport, then so much the better. Whatever you purchase, make sure it has some outdoor space and good internet availability.

If the property is to be a second / holiday home then views are all important, be they sea, lake or mountains, any of these will help. These are important to making an investment which stands the test of time and is particularly true for top end second homes. So, avoid those properties which have some horror right in front of them, such as a rundown industrial building or pylons, as it will definitely affect resale appeal.

Other things to look for to get a time proof investment are easy vehicle access, no busy roads which you can hear from the property and not being overlooked by neighbours.

Those buying village and town homes prioritise slightly different things. Most Brits' spec will be "edge of village / town but within walking distance of shops". If you can find a good quality property with views from the windows and, from the front door, it is only a few minutes away from shops and bars, then you have likely found perfection. In reality, it is unlikely you will find a property which ticks all the boxes but the more you can tick the greater the property will increase in value.

Even with rural farmhouses key elements apply. A great location, easy access road and with shopping no more than five minutes away by car for normal daily provisions. There is no need to go for an absolutely huge property either, as homes over 300 sq.m. in size are less popular with buyers. Look for a property with a good flat piece of land to install a swimming pool.

Renovated homes. Check the standard of the work and if it involved planning permission ask to see a copy of the approval. Draw up a checklist for yourself with things on it such as roof insulation, double glazing, air conditioning, etc. The use of correct traditional materials is important as it enhances the traditional characteristics of the building and contributes to its long term value.