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Tips and Hints: Being Noticed

The market for Bulgarian holiday lets has become more competitive over the last few years and more owners are looking to their property to do more than just cover its costs. What can you do to stand out from the crowd and get your property noticed?

The first point is of course the internet. These days, there is hardly a soul who would take a holiday without checking the internet. You really should have your own internet site for the property apart from listing your home on rental sites.

The single most important thing which will get your property noticed is photographs.

You need to sell your property in images.

- Outside shots taken at the best time of day for light on the property
- Get rid of cars, washing, etc
- Interior shots of kitchen, living room and bedrooms
- Include video if possible: this will really make you stand out as so few people are using it

You are trying to set the scene so that potential renters can imagine themselves there.


What to say

When it comes to the description start with a good catchy title and then draw the reader in with the unique points about your property and convey the full holiday experience at your place to them.

- Accurate information on practical details
- Things to do and where to go for every month of the year
- Day trips
- Special activities
- Discounts you have negotiated with local restaurants, etc

If you can throw in a special offer, so much the better. Very often when surfing the net people will look for special offers first.


Tips and Hints

1. Answer the phone. Many holiday makers want to talk to you rather than dealing all the time by email

2. Accept credit cards. This makes it easier for people to book with you and means you won't have the worry of a cheque bouncing

3. Get your own domain name for your web site. Again, this builds credibility in the eyes of potential renters and will also give you a proper email address. Lots of holiday makers are put off with email addresses that are from or

4. Register your property with the correct Bulgarian tourist authorities and the Chamber of Commerce for greater credibility

... and Some Things to Avoid

Browsing through numerous web sites for Bulgarian property rentals, we were staggered to see that over half of them are so very poor. Here's a few pointers about things to avoid on your site.
1. Don't shrink huge images down to a tiny square and put a dozen of them on the same page. It will take an age to load and your potential renter will most likely just quit your site and find another.

2. Audio. It is more than irritating to load a site with some annoying music - and it's outdated these days too

3. Don't use lots of little thumbnail images. People want to actually properly see your place.

4. Poor images. How can anyone think people will want to rent their property when the photos are dark or unclear.

5. Background images. One of the worst things is to get onto a site with large background images, particularly when they are repeated over the entire page or are just about the same colour as the text, making it totally illegible.