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Small Property Development Plovdiv

An interesting new Bulgarian property development has caught our eye recently. The motto of the residential complex of Terres, by Maison Creative, is 'Feel Special, a living area for connoisseurs of well-being and taste'. This is an innovative and high-level, small 'green' project of family houses near the city of Plovdiv, with easy access to Sofia airport. The developers have given the project the name of Terres, the legendary king of the first Bulgarian Thracian kingdom.


The project started from the idea to create small high quality residential properties of particular beauty with large green spaces and in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. This is a small quality complex with less than 70 family houses being built, each with its own individual look and design. The first houses are already completed and the development is only 5km from the centre of Plovdiv city and just 80 minutes drive to Sofia international airport.

The construction uses innovative building methods to significantly reduce heating costs for the houses and utilises eco-friendly materials, including hemp and wool, for insulation. The standard of build is of a high quality and includes masonry with Austrian thermal insulated ceramic brick cells. Infrastructure began as long ago as April 2007 and is completed. The development comprises a modern infrastructure with gas supply, wide streets and street lighting - even a special broad avenue for those with babby buggies or prams. The initial phase is done and residents can move in.

The developer has been extremely generous with green space and has incuded a 20,000 sq. m. large park. Additionally, bird houses are positioned in the trees to encourage local wildlife and the hilly area of the complex has already been planted with over eighty species of flora, together with a comprehensive irrigation system. Going further with the green and eco theme, all gardens for each house are separated by hedging, rather than chain link or brick walls.  

One of the main benefits for buyers at Terres, in these difficult financial times, is that the developer only requests a small deposit of 2,000 euros and then will work together with the buyer to agree on a payment plan according to their personal financial circumstances.

For more information on this interesting small development you can see completed houses and property choices at the Maison Creative web site