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Small town living in Bulgaria

small towns in bulgaria offer whopping advantagesProperty in Bulgarian market towns is attracting attention as buyers perceive the advantages of small town living. Whilst the cities and big towns of Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Sliven, and the like have little appeal for many considering buying, moving or retiring to Bulgaria, most people still need facilities on hand yet want greenery on their doorstep.

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Village Life: The Ups and Downs

villageUsually, when foreigners move to Bulgaria they tend to head to the villages for a new life. This is because, generally, they are looking for the opposite of their hectic lifestyle back in their home country, and rural life to them seems like a much more satisfying option than city life. However, like every decision in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages to living in a village.

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Lake Property In Bulgaria

pirinlakeBulgaria is home to many glacial lakes, most of which are located high in the Rila and Pirin Mountains. Most of these natural lakes sit at altitudes of 2,200 to 2,400 m, with the highest lying lake, Ledenika Lake in the Rila Mountains, being situated at an altitude of 2,715 m. Lakes such as these lie in protected areas and are not suitable or permissible for building projects.

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Buying in Bulgarian Wine Towns

Beautiful Melnik, Bulgaria

As wine tourism grows and Bulgaria’s reputation in the international wine world increases, property in one of the many wine towns becomes an attractive investment option and the best news is that there are still plenty of bargains to be found. Bulgaria’s best wine towns are set in scenic rural locations, which provide many opportunities for year round holidays and business opportunities.

Melnik This gem of all wine towns is reputed to be the most romantic town in Bulgaria. Located on a steep hillside, it is a protected area full of magnificent, well-preserved houses and churches and surrounded by breathtaking scenery including the infamous sand pyramids. It is the smallest town in Bulgaria with around 230 inhabitants, yet its reputation for the robust red wine produced here is legendary.

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Buying Listed Property

listed propertyResearch indicates that overseas buyers are increasingly focusing on the important lifestyle issues like climate, culture and food - as well as practical issues such as affordable authentic property and cheap cost of living, thus turning to countries like Bulgaria.

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High Rise Living

rows of panel blocksThe towers of concrete high rise apartment blocks are a common feature of the urban landscape in every Bulgarian town and city. At first sight they conjure up images of ghettos of poverty and social disorder, however in Bulgaria these high rise apartments known as panel blocks are home to a diverse cross section of the population from doctors and lawyers to traffic cops. And, what is deceiving is that the exterior of these grey monoliths by no means portrays the true picture inside; many of the individual apartments making up each block are highly stylised. They also offer an affordable alternative to those young buyers who wish to get a foot on the property ladder as well as a new life abroad and the good news is that there are many renovation projects underway to transform the dowdy rows of flats into colourful chic city pads. 

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Wise Buys: Property Investment in the Rhodope Mountains

a rhodopean dreamIf fresh air, pine forests, mineral springs and imposing mountain peaks is appeals to your senses then a holiday home or permanent property in the magnificent Rhodope Mountains could be the ideal escape from the rat race and credit crunch blues. Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains are rich in traditions and customs with a powerful folklore and romantic visions of the past when the ‘haiduks’ hid out in the mountains to fight for the country’s freedom from the Turks. Life here in this scenic paradise is truly idyllic and property prices are still incredibly low.

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Investing in Burgas

Mburgas centreore sunshine, high temperatures, warm seas, small towns, good property prices and individual beaches are making the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria more and more attractive to property buyers and investors.

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Investing in Montana

investment potentialMontana Municipality has one of the sparsest populations in the whole of Bulgaria; in fact there are only 46 people per sq km, with 60% of the population living in urban areas. The population in this region also has an aging profile, which means there is and will be an abundance of low cost real estate on the market. It is a region with great property potential having been largely neglected in terms of areas where it could excel like agriculture and tourism.

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Investing in Lovech

buying property in lovech bulgariaLovech area has been rather the poor relation to other similarly beautiful and historical towns, such as Veliko Turnovo, Arbanassi, Kotel and Sliven as regards buying property in Bulgaria, yet it has many similarities and low property prices. 

Strategically well placed, at only just one and a half hours from the capital, Sofia, with its international airport, this pretty historical town with its old quarter and river running through, has good rail and bus networks with regular connections to all major Bulgarian destinations.

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