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The Right Time to Buy in Bulgaria

now is the time to buy in bulgariaThe gloom and doom of media coverage seems to have clouded the issues about the strength and value of the Bulgarian property market. According to recent media reports the picture is one of over development, lack of supply and falling prices. Yet buyers from all over the world are still buying all manner of Bulgarian real estate from beachside apartments to rural cottages. Yes, prices have realigned themselves to more realistic levels making it a buyer’s market and this is all the more reason to take a look at what the country has to offer in terms of good value property and land.

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Swapping a life in France and Spain for Bulgaria

choosing bulgariaMany would-be expats scour the internet looking for the ideal host country; one that suits their personal dreams of a warm climate or year round skiing, a country with investment potential and a population that at least understands English but the defining factor in choosing a new host country ultimately comes down to the cost of the property there and the cost of living. Most people think of emigrating without a country in mind and some, desperate to never return to the UK try more than one country until they find the best to suit their needs.

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Setting Up in the Low Cost Bulgarian Property Business

starting out in real estateWith the wolf at the door and global property markets plummeting, many might assume that now is the time to get out of the real estate business rather than get into it. Yet the fact is that not everyone is affected by the crisis. Those with secure jobs and high incomes will benefit from falling prices and many believe that when it comes to investment, no matter what the economic outlook, there’s nothing as safe as houses. Diana St John-Palmer realized this when she moved to Bulgaria’s North West four years ago. With such low prices in this wonderful part of the country, Diana has decided to open her own real estate company.

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Making a Watertight Property Investment

looking for your Bulgarian dream homeIt’s April and there is still no real signs of a glorious hot summer in the UK, in fact it looks more likely to be a rerun of last summer with about two weeks of genuine hot weather and the rest of the season full of unpredictable days, sometimes freezing, sometimes rainy and sometimes hot again. Under such conditions, it’s impossible to plan garden parties, or invite friends round to dine al fresco. It’s depressing to say the least, yet these brutal conditions synonymous with the UK climate fuel sparks of creativity in our old grey matter and more and more of us are planning escape routes from dreary old Blighty.

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Investing in Silistra

super silistraSilistra, the capital of the municipality of the same name lies in the north east of the country on the banks of the River Danube. It is steeped in history and has played a strategic role in the history and economic development of Bulgaria.  This is a town surrounded by beautiful scenery, fresh air and historic sites and for those looking to experience the real Bulgaria away from the tourist hordes and yet close enough to a vibrant town offering all of the usual amenities, then look no further than scenic Silistra.

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Investing in St Constantine and Elena

a dream resortLocated on the northern Black Sea coast close to the magnificent city of Varna, the attractive and peaceful beach resort once known as ‘Friendship’ is famed for its special mixture of clear mountain air, natural mineral spas and the sea. Apart from the wealth of curative mineral treatments on offer here there are many restaurants and bars some of which are open all year round. It also offers a wealth of brand new, luxurious apartment blocks at low prices. Investing in this resort, the closest to the city at only 8 km away offers much potential for those looking for a sound long term investment.

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Bulgaria: Property Buying Brits

brits buying property in bulgariaAs more foreigners have bought Bulgarian property and many relocated to Bulgaria, local newspapers have had a variety of comments on the potentially thorny issue of British expats buying homes in the country. Are there a large number of expats in certain areas of Bulgaria or are there not enough? This seems to be a key question for both the Bulgarians and also those Britons who are looking to purchase property in the country. The second part of this question is whether expats have been responsible for pushing up property prices.

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Super Ski Property

new property development bulgariaZelnik Properties are a Bulgarian property and rentals company, established in 2006, by a team of six UK based (British) winter sports enthusiasts. The company is led by ex RAF officer, Neil Todd who says "We understand what makes a good ski apartment and this knowledge is further bolstered by our founding member being an accomplished UK and European property developer. We decided to build property in the Borovets region of Bulgaria, as the country offers unrivalled value for money and a ski area with the potential to become as good as the best Alpine resorts."

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Varna - Best to Invest

properties in varna Varna, of all of Bulgaria’s cities has to be top of the list. It outshines the capital with its idyllic coastal location, retro architectural style and abundance of greenery. For the last two years, it has been voted “the best city to live in Bulgaria” and attracts around 30,000 new residents each year. Varna is a trendy town with a large student population supporting a vibrant entertainment scene, but this does not deter from its flipside, a sophisticated city full of history and culture with excellent shopping and plenty of upscale entertainment catering to its increasingly wealthy population of middle class Bulgarians.

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Successful Property Buys: the Bulgarian Riviera

bulgarian property in golden sandsLooking to buy quality property on the coast in Bulgaria? The largest beach resort on the Northern coast and undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan, Golden Sands has worked extremely hard to change its image from a cheap and cheerful package holiday resort renowned for cheap booze, food and entertainment into a mini version of Nice or Cannes. There is no doubt about it; Golden Sands has left other Bulgarian summer resorts standing. It offers clean beaches and clear seas against a classy, pedestrianised promenade flanked by inviting swimming pools.

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