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A Tale of Two Villages

turning villages into townsFive years ago most Bulgarian villagers farmed their small tracts of land using traditional methods, grew all of their own food, raised livestock for domestic consumption and lived in run down cottages without double glazing, central heating or indoor bathrooms. Today, the property boom has had a positive effect on village life by enabling many people to release capital long tied up in land and property that previously nobody wanted to buy. Westerners came in unprecedented numbers and started to build luxurious villas or renovate and extend existing buildings to a standard previously believed impossible. They cleaned up the streets that they live on, put in roads and often set up village shops, bars and restaurants employing the local population, many of whom were unable to find work before the construction boom started.

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A Smart Move: Investing in Vratsa

vibrant vratsaThere is no doubt that Vratsa located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Range is a great place to live and work. This little known treasure offers some great investment potential with low prices and a rising profile. Today the area still remains a destination for investors seeking out cheap rural renovation projects, but the potential to develop a business within the tourism sector is huge and well worth considering particularly if you are looking to generate an income from your investment here.

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Star Potential; Investing in Obzor

luxury and styleUntil five years ago, Obzor was little more than a small town with a few family hotels and then a few savvy developers realized that it had one of the most spectacular stretches of beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Land was purchased at phenomenally low rates and hotel construction started. Today Obzor is one of the most popular resorts along the coast, yet despite its development from sleepy hollow to tourist magnet, the town has not lost its true charm and many of the hotel developments and apartment complexes here have been constructed with the luxury market in mind.

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Property Focus - Blagoevgrad

on the up - blagoevgradBlagoevgrad benefits from an auspicious natural location only 100 km from the capital and close to some of the country’s leading tourist attractions including Bansko ski resort. A great place for buying Bulgarian property. Foreign investment is flowing into this town improving its infrastructure and facilities; even the old town market was redesigned turning it into a modern business centre but retaining all of the old character and charm. Overall, the encouraging business environment and stable economy coupled with the cities perfect location is driving up property prices and providing good returns for those who invest here.

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Brilliant Buys: Investing in Borovets

borovets takes offAcross the world, many people still don’t realize that Bulgaria has a well established ski season with resorts to rival many of Europe’s best winter destinations. Borovets, Bulgaria’s biggest ski resort still offers low prices in terms of accommodation, lift passes, food and entertainment - the UK Post Office Travel Services said that it was far cheaper than destinations like Vail, Colorado yet offered much the same in the way of facilities. Borovets is probably the Bulgarian ski resort with the most potential. The Super Borovets project will receive over 500 million Euros in investment over the course of the next five years, making this one of the most ambitious investment programmes ever undertaken in Bulgaria.

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Economic Reasons to Invest in Bulgaria

economics for investing in bulgariaDespite decades under a Communist regime, Bulgaria has become one of South East Europe's healthiest economies. In fact, it has exceeded most analysts’ predictions and is starting to compete with other countries in this area. It has experienced outstandingly high growth figures and is now regarded as a stable growing economy by international economists.

During 2006 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 5.5% compared to developed countries like the UK who experienced only 1.9%.

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A Capital Investment – Sofia

Alexander Nevski Cathedral in the capital citySofia could be described as Bulgaria’s greatest property hot spot. It still has the lowest property prices in Europe compared to all other European capitals and demand for property both in the residential and business sector far outstrips supply. As capital cities go Sofia is small in comparison to other European capitals, yet over the last five years its population has doubled in size to 1.2 million people and over the next five years the population is expected to grow at an annual rate of 100,000 new inhabitants.

Naturally, this rapid growth in population will have a positive impact on the demand for residential property and whilst there is a high rate of construction in the city at the moment demand still outweighs supply.

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Golf Tourism Statistics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is relentless in its pursuit to become a centre for quality according to recent golf tourism statistics, which will further develop its up and coming image and bring with it additional wealth from avid fans of the sport. Aerial view Lighthouse Golf CourseGolf tourism is expected to boom with a predicted growth of 10% each year and research shows that golf tourists spend anything from 400 to 500 euros per day compared to regular package tourists who spend around 50 to 100 euros - so great for rentals! Kuncho Kunchev, a large investor in the Black Sea Rama golf complex near Balchik, said that he chose to invest in golf because, “Without quality golf courses, Bulgaria will remain a cheap destination. It will continue to attract tourist flows, but without any major impact on the economy.”

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