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Lake Property In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is home to many glacial lakes, most of which are located high in the Rila and Pirin Mountains. Most of these natural lakes sit at altitudes of 2,200 to 2,400 m, with the highest lying lake, Ledenika Lake in the Rila Mountains, being situated at an altitude of 2,715 m. Lakes such as these lie in protected areas and are not suitable or permissible for building projects.

Not all natural lakes are liable to building bans and the country does boast several beautiful, artificial lakes, most of which have been constructed as dams to supply water to neighbouring towns and villages. Here we  take a look at three towns, which lie on some of Bulgaria's most impressive natural and artificial lakes. Prices in these towns are still very reasonable as  Bulgaria this year campaigns to develop a strong rural tourist strategy. Today, these hidden gems represent excellent value and potential for the small investor.


The appealing village of Yakovtsi is located in North-Central Bulgaria, 5 km away of the town of and municipal centre Elena, 36 km from the historical city of Veliko Turnovo, 85 km from the thriving city of Sliven and 195 km from the coat and international airport at Bourgas.
The village lies on a hillside surrounded by attractive forests and picturesque scenery and close to a small river and the man-made Yovkovtsi Dam Lake. The dam was constructed 20 years ago as a tributary of the Veselina River to supply water to nearby Veliko Turnovo, Gorna Orayhovitsa, Lykaskovets, Steajitza, Zlataritsa, Elena, Gabrovo and Dryanovo. Today, 223,000 decares of the dam form part of a protected zone. The dam itself is rich in carp, pike and perch making wonderful opportunities for fishing. The lake is perfect for water sports including sailing, waterskiing and jet skiing. The grassy banks provide the ideal place for picnics and sunbathing. Nearby there is a riding stable, which offers tours through the attractive neighbouring countryside. The local infrastructure is excellent with the Sofia Bourgas E773 road running close by and there are plenty of local amenities including doctors' surgeries, a post office, shops and cafes as well as regular bus transport to nearby towns and cities.


Beautiful Batak is situated 36 km south of Pazardzhik, 16 km south of Peshtera, 26 km south-east of Velingrad, 51 km north of Dospat and only 156 km south-east of the capital Sofia. The town is a sacred symbol of martyrdom and self-sacrifice borne out of the fight for Bulgarian freedom. The town bears testimony to its revered heritage with museums at the museum within the small stone church of St. Nedelya and the Museum of History, which houses over 500 exhibits regarding the history of Batak. Many of the town's houses have been restored and declared cultural monuments.

What really makes this town a perfect area for investment is its proximity to the Batak Dam Lake, which lies 3 km to the north-west and has become a popular recreation and sports zone offering superb opportunities for camping, water sports, fishing and hiking. Along the Batak -Dopsat road around 20 km from the town lie four other artificial lakes. The largest is the Golyam Beglik Dam and the smallest, the Beglika Dam. The Toshkov Chark Dam and what is considered to be the most beautiful, the Shiroka Polyana or Wide Meadow Dam lie in the heart of some of the most stunning Rhodope countryside. The infrastructure is good with decent roads leading to all of the lakes and regular bus services to and from Dospat, Rakitovo and Velingrad.



The town of Smolyan is set in the picturesque, narrow gorge of the Cherna or Black River in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains. It lies 260 km south-east of Sofia, 103 km south of Plovdiv, 87 km west of Kurdjali, 46 km south-east of the spa town Devin and 15 km south of the ski resort Pamporovo. Smolyan is in the enviable position of being on the main international road to Kavala, Greece making the town an important tourist stop-over.
The town is an administrative centre and is rich in historical sights and cultural heritage including the Memorial and Charnel-House, which honours those who died in the fight for Bulgarian freedom, the 18th century St. Nedelya Church with its rich collection of religious icons, the Mednikarska Charshiya - the old coppersmith marketplace and the former headquarters to the Russian liberation army, Hadzhiivanov's House. Against this backdrop of times gone by and the dramatic mountain landscape, which envelops the town, the centre is quite modern and offers all manner of facilities and amenities as well as regular bus services to all of the destinations listed above.
Smolyan also lies 10 km from the popular Smolyan Lakes of which there are seven in total. The lakes are often dubbed "the emerald eyes of the Rhodope Mountains" and they are a natural phenomenon seated beneath the impressive Orlovi Skali or Eagle's Rocks. There used to be around 20 lakes, but over the years natural geological events have covered them with spoil and stone. The lakes are located picturesquely on several terraces with the deepest and allegedly the most beautiful being the Bistroto Ezero or Clear Lake. Matnoto Lake is the highest and also the deepest lying at an altitude of 4.5 m. Each of the lakes is surrounded by natural pine forests, which are protected as part of Bulgaria's national parkland. Smolyan Waterfall also lies close by at a height of 20 m. to the south-west of the town. The Lakeland area is ideal for fishing and hiking as well as picnics and sunbathing.