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Burgas - A Place In The Sun

For many of us, the thought of living by the sea is an exciting prospect, however, one should take into consideration of how

they will feel during the winter months when most of the summer attractions, the restaurants and bars are closed up and in many cases boarded up for the winter. All of a sudden the view from your window is not so attractive, and the resort becomes reminiscent of a ghost town.


So what if you could find a destination that has everything and it doesn't close for the winter?

The Black Sea Coastal city of Burgas may just have what you are looking for.

Burgas is Bulgaria's fourth largest city and the second largest on the Black Sea Coast; it has a population of 209,000 occupants.

Set in the southerly part of the coast approximately 124 kms south of Varna, the city is surrounded by sea and lakes, and this makes it a bird watchers paradise with several hundred bird species, some of them being very rare.

The City itself has a very cosmopolitan feel about it with several international restaurants and coffee shops etc. Shopping in the centre has just about everything that one would need and just outside of the city you will find the many shopping malls including; Burgas Plaza which is very westernised with outlets such as Carrefour, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Marks & Spencer and Mothercare to be found.

A short walk from the city centre will take you to the ‘Sea Park'. This beautiful tree lined park, many of them being palm trees has an abundance of restaurants, a casino and a small zoo. The open air theatre here hosts several concerts and a music festival throughout the year. The Sea Park leads you to Central Beach which is the best stretch for bathing and swimming etc.
Accommodation here consists mainly of apartments, some of the old communist type, but there are also plenty of new builds around the city, built to a high standard and fully insulated.

Property Prices

The city, in common with all other Bulgarian cities is divided into neighbourhoods, and the price of properties varies accordingly. Favoured neighbourhoods include Lazur and Vazrazhdane, because of their close proximity to both the sea and the city centre. An example of what you can get for your money here is a new build studio in the Lazur area of the city with a living area of 35m2.This would be suitable for no more than 2 people and would cost from 25000 EUR. For a family of four, you could purchase a 3 bedroom 98m2 apartment with 2 balconies in the Vazrazhdane area for 76000 EUR. The higher end of the scale would offer you a newly built luxury apartment in the city centre, of 206m2 of living space, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies. This would cost you 247,572 EUR.

The city of Burgas is currently attracting many Russian investors and although the property prices here have remained stable, it is expected that they will start to rise over the next 12 months. It is thought that this is due not only to the increasing interest from the Russian sector but also in Bulgarians moving out of the villages and into the city for employment.